Dog travel tips for dog owners

Dog travel is a big concern of many vacation seeking dog owners. As leisure travel picks up this month, Americans more than ever are letting their dogs travel with them. Here are 5 practical dog travel tips:

Dog Travel Tip #1: Keep your dog cool in your car

During summer drives, keep the air-conditioner going. If you make a stop, never leave an animal alone in a closed car, where he can overheat. Even short trips in cool weather can problematic for dogs as sunlight still generates enormous heat in the closed areas of a car.

Dog Travel Tip #2: Keep your dog secure in the car

The safest way to travel with your dog in a car is to put her in a dog crate or dog carrier. Make sure all bowls are fixed to the dog crate or dog carrier so they don’t move around. Also be sure to get your dog used to the dog crate or dog carrier by letting her site inside for a few minutes each day leading up to your trip.

Dog Travel Tip #3: Micro clip your dog in case she gets lost far from home

Your dog should be microchipped and her license and identification tags engraved with your name and address. You might want to add a neighbor or relative’s contact information in case someone calls while you are away.

Dog Travel Tip #4: Don’t let your dog stick her head out the window

Car windows should be opened enough to allow air into the car, but not opened enough to allow your dog to stick her head out of the window. This keeps your dog in the safest position. Of course, if you followed Dog Travel Tip #2 and placed your dog in a dog crate or dog carrier this won’t be a problem.

Dog Travel Tip #5: Check with airlines on latest dog travel regulations

Within the United States, an estimated 160 million people and 500,000 pets travel by air each year. Flying with a pet in tow has become more expensive – and complicated – than it used to be. Dog travel regulations not only vary from airline to airline by rules may changed based on various Homeland Security travel directives.

In general small dogs can travel in a carry on dog carrier, while larger dogs must go into the cargo. Be prepared to place your dog in an airline approved dog carrier and for some airlines bring proof of vaccinations.

Finally, after you take the necessary precautions don’t forget to have fun. A little preparation can go a long way in making vacation with your dog a lot more fun.