Border terrier puppies, is a border terrier the dog for you

A Border Terrier puppy might be a good choice for you and your family if you are looking for a feisty, lively and loving family pet. You’ll certainly have a dog that will provide you and your children with hours of amusement and exercise.

The border terrier is an uncomplicated little dog – although you should know that some of them will display aggression towards other dogs – particularly as they get older. They are also however, fiercely loyal and loving – frequently coming in the evening to snuggle close to your legs as you relax.

These dogs were bred initially to be small enough to fit down a fox hole and there really is nothing a border will enjoy more than romping through a field or woodland setting – striking fear into the heart of any rabbit it encounters. The speed of movement, stamina and agility is impressive to watch.

The old huntsmen said that a good border terrier was aggressive and agile enough to chase a fox down a hole but still strong enough and with enough stamina to keep up with a horseman riding out over open country.

These dogs have a tough and durable coat – usually wheat coloured but sometimes whitish or blue and tan in colour. The coat protects the dog from weather changes and from the thorns and rough shrubbery it will encounter on the chase.

Good with children and usually docile around the house they will make great family pets – but do remember that they have a degree of aggression in the breed make up. I’ve never seen a border be dominant or aggressive with an adult or a child but I’ve owned two in the past who both turned out to be very aggressive when faced with other dogs – and it seemed the bigger the other dog was the more aggressive my border terrier became. No harm done but more than a little socially embarrassing.

Borders are a long lived breed with a lifespan of at least fifteen years in most cases. They weigh up to seven kilograms and grow to about 30cm tall. The male dogs are usually bigger and longer legged than the females.

The dogs name and geographical origins are a little uncertain but they certainly originated in Great Britain – probably in the 1700’s – and most likely in the border country region between Scotland and England.

A healthy Border Terrier has dark brown alert looking eyes with a real intelligence shining from them. They have a short muzzle and small V shaped ears – often black or darker than the dogs body colourings. The coat is harsh, dense and short – almost wiry in texture and usually of a light brown colour. The back legs and haunches are very strong and sturdy – giving the dog great acceleration and an excellent ability to change direction at speed.

I would have no hesitation in recommending a Border Terrier puppy as a good pet – but do remember my warning about how they might be with other dogs when older.