Raw dog food recipe

Raw dog food recipes are the very best way for your dog to eat a natural diet.

Dogs are born hunters. However they have obviously had their hunting needs taken away from them as they became domesticated, with owners placing bowls of food out everyday – there is no need for a dog to hunt for raw meat anymore.

Unfortunately many owners do not realize what a dog’s natural diet should be. That is why raw dog food recipes come into importance.

Dogs need raw food to maintain their natural health. Out in the wild, dogs kill other animals and eat their raw meat. There is no cooking or factory manufacturing as is seen in dog food today. And there is certainly no left over dinners – something many owners are guilty of indulging their dogs in!

This advice applies to cats as well. Cats are predators in the same way that dogs are and therefore are made for a raw food diet.

A simple raw dog food recipe would consist of raw meat, vegetable puree, some cooked whole grains, kelp powder, ascorbic acid and around 1 teaspoon of oil (don’t go overboard on the oil).

This recipe will provide your dog with a huge amount of health benefits such as increased energy, a healthy digestive and immune system, cleaner teeth and gums, healthier skin and coat and smoother stool motions.

On top of all this, your dog will be delighted to be receiving food that is in tune with his natural diet. Dogs were MADE to eat raw food. Giving your dog cooked and manufactured food all the time is doing him a great disservice to his health and happiness.

Do your dog a favor and start putting together some raw dog food recipes for him to enjoy! He will thank you for it and will live a longer healthier life with you!