Dog odor and what to do about it!

Bad breath can also be treated with a doggy breath spray. It’s a good idea to consult your vet to be sure that the bad breath is not the result of a medical condition such as diabetes or kidney failure. Bad breath in dogs is sometimes caused by bad teeth that may be rotting and giving off a bad smell. So check his teeth first.

Dog odors have many contributing factors. One reason why your dog has a musty smell could be caused by a skin condition called atopy. Dog odor is also a sign that your dog needs a bath.

Ear infections are frequently the cause of an offensive odor, especially among long-eared and floppy-eared dogs. The inside of the ear becomes moist and hot, providing the perfect environment for infections. Ear infections are a common cause of bad smells. Make sure he doesn’t have any discharges, bad odors or strange colors or insects in his ears. Weekly cleaning will help prevent infections. Ear infections can be quite stinky. Usually these are bacterial infections. Ear infections almost always have a bad smell and are relatively common in drop-eared dogs.

Ear disease (otitis) can be a source of odor that varies from yeasty to one resembling sewage as either cerumen or pus accumulates in the diseased ear canal. Anal sac disease or excessive anal sac production can cause a very musty pungent odor.

Clean the carpet with baking soda. Since most dogs love to lounge on the floor, odors can linger in the carpet. Wash your dog and it will help rid of dog odor that may be annoying. Wash his bedding and his clothes with a little baking soda mixed with your detergent powder. Adding a little white vinegar to the rinse water will also help.

Skin infections and allergies may lead your dog into giving off a smell as hyperhidrosis sets in. Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by abnormally increased perspiration. Skin diseases can cause a dog to have increased or abnormal odor. Allergy can cause increased production of apocrine sweat, which imparts a musty odor.

Here is the main point. A clean and healthy dog that is bathed and looked after on a regular basis will smell nice and not distract from the fun of companionship.