Are dog nutrition related diseases killing your pet

Are nutrition-related diseases killing your dog? If you are feeding your dog store-bought food produced by the big manufacturing companies, your dog could be facing an early death. Did you know that some companies add ingredients that have been discarded from the human food chain. What are you feeding your dog?

Like many of us, you probably think dog food manufacturers paying close attention to healthy dog nutrition. It might surprise you to know that not all dog food manufacturers do. In fact, they are known to use discarded animal parts that can harm your dog’s health.

Not long ago, the dog owner community was shocked by reports that the food they were feeding their pets was causing dog deaths. These were healthy dogs that were fed store-bought dog food that owners trusted. As it turned out, there were ingredients in the food mixture that were killing otherwise healthy dogs. Gluten.

Gluten is a protein mixture that can be found in grass-related grains, especially wheat, rye and barley. It is an important source of nutritional protein and is sometimes added to foods that are low in protein. It is used in human food as well as dog food either to boost the protein levels or as a meat substitute

Know what’s in your dog food. Read the label. Even a healthy dog will have a shortened life if he doesn’t get the dog nutrition it needs to a long and healthy life.

Corn, wheat and soy are cereal grains that should never be in your pet food because they are highly indigestible protein sources. They cause undue stress on the kidneys of healthy dogs and result in kidney problems. They are also allergens for dogs, especially corn. Meat should be the number 1 ingredient for optimum health.

Watch for by-products, which can contain diseased and contaminated slaughterhouse meats. Dead animals, road kill and euthanized animals can end up in your dog food disguised as meat.

Meat from animals that have been drugged and chemical preservatives are also dangerous for your dog. Some are known to cause life-threatening diseases including cancer, liver and heart diseases.

Find out whether the food was manufactured in smaller quantities to ensure freshness and determine how long the food has been sitting in the pet store, which can be as much as a year. The longer the food sits, the less likely it will provide sufficient freshness for ultimate dog nutrition.

Healthy dogs have a life-expectancy of 20+ years, yet the majority only survive 10-15 years. There are steps you can take to ensure your dog lives out his full life and is not short-changed by poor dog nutrition and related preventable diseases such as these:

Allergies & Skin problems: triggered by certain chemical additives in dog food such as preservatives and gluten.

Arthritis: attributable to a build up of artificial calcium deposits in the dog’s body

Cancer: one of the leading causes of dog death each year and directly linked to unhealthy dog food ingredients.

Bladder problems: caused by a build-up of toxicity from certain dog food ingredients and chemical additives.

Dental problems: often caused by improper dog nutrition and soft food diets

Diarrhea: usually associated with toxins from food passing through the intestines

Diabetes: directly related to sugar in pet foods

Digestive problems: contributable to the dog eating high amounts of wheat, corn and soy, foreign matter and diseased or contaminated ingredients in dog food.

Kidney problems: from ingesting artificial phosphorus and proteins (gluten) in commercial dog food

Liver problems: caused as the liver struggles to detoxify the dog’s body of the artificial chemicals, drugged or contaminated meats and other undesirable ingredients in poor quality dog food that have little dog nutrition.

Obesity: directly related to sugar and carbohydrate levels that are in store-bought dog foods

Educate yourself on what constitutes a nutritious diet for your dog to ensure he or she lives out a full and healthy life.

Read labels on your pet’s food and know what to look for. Choose foods that do not contain any of the potentially hazardous ingredients such as diseased and drugged meat and cast off slaughterhouse body parts disguised as meat byproducts.

Buy only top quality dog food that has meat as its main ingredient, along with other nutritious foods including chicken meal, carrots, apples, brown rice and flax seed, plus vitamins, minerals and antioxidant additives.

By paying attention to the diet you feed your healthy dog you can help ensure he lives a long, full life. Good dog nutrition can have a tremendous effect on his future.