How to relieve dog dry skin

Over the past 30 years I have seen almost every common ailment known to dogs. However, the one ailment that really bothered me was Dog Dry Skin. While this is not usually something that is health threatening, it is extremely annoying for me and my dog. I am constantly reminded of dog dry skin because it is often all over the couch or carpet! My dog is always scratching and you can tell it depresses him.

Certainly diet contributes a lot to dog dry skin so if you notice excessive flaking and rashes, check the food you are feeding your dog. One mistake that many pet owners do that is very unhealthy, is feed their dogs human food! Your dog’s digestive system is uniquely different from ours and is not designed to digest food like chocolate ice cream or tuna salad sandwiches! Therefore, I highly recommend that you do not feed your dog human food. Most Dog food is formulated for optimizing your dog’s health and if a certain brand is causing your dog to get dry skin, it is important to introduce a new brand.

Dog dry skin can simply be just that, dry skin. This is likely due to environment (indoor dogs that suddenly spend a lot of time outdoors and vice versa). Poor quality shampoos laced with harmful chemicals often affect dogs with sensitive skin. Even worse is using shampoo made for humans. Human shampoo is designed to strip oils from our hair. Using human shampoo on dogs will strip their fur of valuable oils that help them keep warm and moisturize their skin. My dog suffered greatly from dog dry skin and to be honest, every dog shampoo, prescription or not, did little to remedy the problem. That was until I discovered a unique all-natural formula…from Singapore of all places! To find out if this formula could help your dog, please visit my website:

On my website you will find 3 other key tips to optimizing your dog’s health which you can download from my website for FREE! Follow those simple tips along with the one’s I just talked about and you too will have a healthy happy dog…with no visits to the vet!