Boston terriers, top dog breed

Boston Terriers are the top dog breed in many different respects. Bostons–or BTs–as many Boston owners often refer to them, are considered on-top for a variety of reasons:

** They’re tops in playfulness.

** They’re tops in eating.

** They’re tops in snoring.

** They’re tops in passing gas and producing solid waste (sorry, but it’s true).

** They’re tops in sleeping peacefully for hours on end.

** They’re tops in chewing and gnawing on bones.

** They’re tops in cuteness.

** They’re tops in loving.

It’s probably true that most dog breed owners believe their preferred dog breed to be the best, but Boston Terriers are some of the greatest dogs around. But let’s take a little closer look at Boston Terriers…

A puppy trainer once said that, “Boston Terriers are a big dog in a little dog’s body…”, and nothing could be more apt. BTs are not afraid of much. They’ll rumble at will with much bigger Golden Retrievers and Labradors. In fact, many Boston Terriers seem to prefer playing with big dogs.

Boston’s have a wonderful muscular physique. Compact and strong, they usually top out at 20 or 25 pounds, and it’s not uncommon to find more petite Boston Terriers as well.

BTs love to play and they’re speedy and athletic, so be sure to have lots of fetch toys available. They may even be good candidates for agility training, a sort of obstacle course for dogs. But they also love to chew and have strong jaws, so you’ll want to keep strong bones on hand, plus well-made chew ropes or hard rubber tug toys. Forget the little plastic squeaky toys… they’ll be mincemeat in minutes… honestly.

Boston Terriers do play hard, but when they stop, they sleep hard too. Few dog breeds can crash into total oblivion as fast as a Boston. And if they can curl up on the bed or couch with you, so much the better. They absolutely love to nestle into the curve between your butt and knees if you lay on your side. Be prepared to share your bed with your Boston Terrier… they’re almost impossible to resist!

Boston’s eat well too. Not picky, for the most part, they’ll wolf down meals with abandon. And be sure to keep some tasty–but healthy–snacks on hand too to reward good behavior, or just to spoil your little cutie.

And talk about cute… What could be cuter than your little “tuxedo man” (or woman) with the black and white markings, big brown eyes, huge ears, smushy face, and that little pout? One inquisitive look from a Boston Terrier with his head cocked, and you melt.

Of course, Boston Terriers are also “good” at some less desirable things. With their short snouts, breathing is more of a challenge, and they’ll snore better than some humans when sleeping. So, if you’re not a sound sleeper, it could create some problems. Some Boston owners consider their pet to be a “solid waste factory”. It’s not uncommon during a 10-block walk for him to “go” at least twice. So, bring lots of bags!

If you like to exercise, walk, or hike with your Boston, it’s also important to know that their short snouts make it difficult for them to cool their bodies effectively during hot weather. Their dark coats don’t help either. So, you may need to leave your Boston Terriers home on hot days… or to provide some kind of cooling, through a vest with cold packs in it or some such. Cold weather can be hard for a BT too, with their short hair and lack of extra fat. It may look silly, but your BT needs to wear a warm coat when outside on cold days.

But what Boston Terriers are absolutely the best at is… loving their owners. They love us with their total being, following us around the house, and always wanting to be close. Most dogs provide unconditional love to their people; it’s one of the biggest reasons to own a dog. But Boston Terriers are absolutely devoted to people.

Boston’s are hands down one of the top dog breeds you could ever own. Won’t you adopt a Boston Terrier today?