Chihuahua care, 5 important issues every owner should know

Don’t be fooled by the size. If you think that the smaller the dog, the easier to manage, then you are wrong. As the matter of fact, Chihuahuas require the most detailed and delicate care compared to other large dogs. Here are 5 important issues every owner should know, in order to keep your Chihuahua strong and healthy.

#1 Chihuahua are fragile pets

Being the smallest dog breed in existence would just mean that it is more prone to dangers. Watch out for any high surfaces. If your Chihuahua climbs up and slips, it might injure itself severely. That is just how fragile these Chihuahuas are. Chihuahuas are very active pets, hence you got to keep them on the look out at all times to ensure that it is not up to any mischief.

#2 Chihuahuas need protection against the weather

The protection from the cold is the most important part when it comes to giving your Chihuahua the complete protection. Tiny dogs like Chihuahuas do not have the mass to deal with extremely cold temperatures. Their bodies lack the fat that is needed to deal with cold climate. Prepare your Chihuahua for the winter season too. Head down to the pet store and get a doggy sweater and coat to keep him warm and safe.

#3 Beware of making your Chihuahua overweight

Chihuahuas are so adorable such that we tend to over feed them. This is definitely a challenge for all Chihuahua owners when it comes to feeding time. Chihuahuas tend to become overweight pretty quick. And this may lead to a whole list of health problems.

Hypoglycaemia is an example. This has to do with the sugar levels in your Chihuahua’s diet. Just make sure that you feed your Chihuahua moderately and limit its snacks. Another method is just to keep your Chihuahua active at all times. In-house exercises are good and definitely not a problem for tiny dogs like Chihuahuas.

#4 Chihuahuas need some discipline too

Disciplining the Chihuahua is one of the most important steps when you wish to keep one. First, you will need to give it some kind of house training. Make sure that your pup is old enough for house training before you proceed. There is various method of potty training available.

But the key to successfully train your Chihuahua is to be patient with him. Do not scream or raise your voice at it. It will just shun away from you and it will be even more scared to obey you.

#5 Socializing Chihuahuas

If you find that your Chihuahua is barking endlessly at every stranger, then it has some socializing issues. A well-trained Chihuahua is one that is able to find comfort, regardless of where it is. Usually, dogs that grow around other dogs do not have this problem, as they are able to give-and-take easily.

This differs greatly for puppies that are separated from any form of doggy interaction since young. As such, it is the owner’s responsibility to train their Chihuahuas such that they are able to fit into the society he is living in.

As an owner, it is you’re responsibility to mould your Chihuahua to grow up and be disciplined. If you know your way around the Chihuahua, you will find that Chihuahuas are the most endearing creatures that you will ever find.