Beagle health tips

Pet owners are always concerned with the proper way to care for their animals and when you decide to invest in a beagle for your family pet then your first concern should be the proper beagle health care tips. Owning a pet is a lot of work but there are some very simple ideas you can use to help keep your beagle healthy and happy and a part of your family for many years to come. Make sure regular visit to the vet is part of your beagle’s health plan and contact the vet if persistent problems arise.

Beagles love to eat just like any other living creature and the idea that there is such a thing as human food separate from any other creature’s food is wrong. A healthy diet for your dog should consist of properly cooked meats, raw vegetables, and raw fruits as well. All creatures eat food and you should help keep your dog healthy by feeding your beagle the foods that are best for it.

Beagles have a very thick coat so a major part of proper beagle health is to make sure that their coat is clean and that nothing has a chance to get in there and cause any major health problems. Plan on bathing your beagle at least once a month and if your beagle goes outdoors at all, or comes into contact with dirty situations, then plan on bathing them more often than once a month. The benefit is for your family as well because your family is also coming into contact with your beagle’s coat so keeping it clean is essential.

Your beagle also needs regular grooming as well and some of this you can do on your own and some of it you may want to leave to the professionals. Brush your beagle’s thick coat regularly and make sure there are no tangles or debris caught in it. Your beagle’s nails also need regular clipping and while you are invited to try this yourself this is something you may want to send out for.

Beagle health concerns are much more than just providing a balanced diet and bathing. Your beagle’s ears are famous for not only their look, but also their ability to block the proper airflow in and out of the dog’s ear. Check under you beagle’s floppy ears regularly and if you see any build up then contact your vet right away.

Your beagle’s teeth are also in need of attention and this is a process that starts when they are very young. As a puppy get your beagle used to your finger gently rubbing across their teeth. As they get used to it then add a small wrap of wet gauze to your finger with some baking soda. If they are okay with this then you can probably move on to a dog toothbrush. Always keep an eye on your beagle and make sure you make their health your primary concern for your pet’s sake and your family as well.