The top three household poisons and how to keep your dog from being exposed

Those who have the learning channels on cable have probably heard the story of the dog that got into the antifreeze. Some dogs dare to drink a lot, and experience failing kidneys soon after, a surefire way to end their life. Then there are dogs that are smarter, and after taking a few licks figure out that this may not be food for them–unfortunately, even the smarter dogs are at risk as well.

Antifreeze is one of the most dangerous substances that ever posed a threat to the health of your dog, and it can get to them in a variety of ways. Walking them in a summer rainstorm may seem like a cute idea, but the antifreeze they lick off their paws later could be a killer. The same goes with drinking out of puddles in the street. Using your senses and keeping your dog away from situations that could present them with this opportunity is the only surefire way to prevent heartbreak.

While many people would like to think that their home is the safest place for their dog to be, it may not be. The good news about that is that you can change that, by buying pet friendly products and putting the dangerous ones far out of the reach of even the most clever and mischievous of dogs.