All the amazing secrets about breeding pitbulls

The fashion of trying to breed pitbulls was extremely famous back in the days when the pitbull was bred for the sole purpose of being tossed into a hole in the earth with another pitbull while hundreds of savage onlookers watched the dogs rip each other to shreds.

It was the one who actually took the care to breed pitbulls that won all the praise and became a leader in the breeding industry. Many people whom did breed pitbulls in those days were in a constant position to always be battling for supreme breeder of the pitbull and especially the champion pitbull fighter.

Understanding Breeding Pitbulls

There are many contributing factors that play a role in a pitbulls personality and general disposition. Despite the belief that people breed pitbulls for the purpose of being mean and extremely aggressive is a gross misunderstanding because they are not bred to fight and they haven’t been for a considerable amount of years.

It is the people who own the dogs, not those that breed pitbulls generally that turn the dogs aggressive and mean and as a result the dogs become quite untrustworthy because they have been taught aggression. Again it is important to repeat that those who breed pitbulls are typically not to blame for a pitbull turning on a neighbor or an owner. These people are generally very irresponsible and the people that breed pitbulls didn’t pick up on it.

Breeders that breed pitbulls typically watch for those potential owners that may be abusive because they don’t want their dogs going out and later coming back that they have viciously attacked a young child or worse. Those who breed pitbulls are extremely responsible people and take the pitbulls reputation to heart due to the very nature of their livelihoods.

While it can’t and shouldn’t be ignored that these poor dogs were subject to breeding for merely fighting purposes, it also shouldn’t be something that intimidates you as your raising and treatment of the dog plays a very large role.

Those who breed pitbulls and raise them always insist that pitbulls are loving dogs and they adore human interaction and human affection. The pitbull actually believes that it is a lap dog and will often try to crawl into the owners lap to smother him or her with kisses however there are also many pitbulls that can develop very severe behavior problems if they are poorly bred, abused and not socialized.

Like every animal care must be taken to ensure it is comfortable and at ease with other humans as well as dogs.