5 points to consider before buying a dog

Getting a new dog is an exciting and rewarding part of anyones life. These days you can find puppies for sale in so many places such as in newspapers, pet stores and online. But how do you go about selecting a new puppy? What points should you consider when buying a new puppy? Below are 5 points that you must consider before buying your new puppy.

1) How big is your yard? – The size of your home and yard will help you determine the size of the dog you should buy. Puppies all look small when young, but even the smallest puppy can grow into a large dog. Be sure to understand what breed you are looking at and learn how big the breed will grow. Be sure to be wary of cross breeds as you may not know what size they will grow to.

2) Can you exercise your dog frequently? – If you exercise regularly and have lots of time on your hands, you can consider a puppy with high energy levels. If you will be at work and not have much time for your dog, consider a breed with less energy.

3) Long or short hair dog? – A lot of people don’t examine the length of their new puppy breeds hair growth. A long haired dog will generally molt a lot of hair which can get everywhere, especially in carpets. Short hair breeds can be easier to manage and molt less hair around your home.

4) Kids or elderly? – If you have young children or the elderly around, you many need to choose a breed with low energy that is good around people. Larger dogs can easily knock young children and the elderly over, so consider this before purchasing your new puppy.

5) Can you secure your dog? – Certain breeds are notorious escape artists, but most dogs need certain provisions to ensure they do not escape from your property. Fences should be a minimum of 6 foot tall around your entire home. You should also be careful that your dog cannot dig under gates and fences to escape. If you buy a breed that is known for escaping or digging, you will need to allow extra provisions around your home.

Consider these 5 tips before looking at your new puppy. So many people think of these things after they have already bought their new dog, but you should consider all the points above before you even go looking for a new puppy.