7 things you can do to keep your dog healthy

1-Frequent Exercise Keeping a dog locked in the house or in a crate isn’t going to allow him to explore his natural instincts. It’s important to get outside for the bathroom necessities but also to sniff and see and get used to other people, dogs and normal outside activity for better socialization. Is there a dog park or other safe place where your dog can run off-leash? All the better.

2-Regular brushing/grooming keeps your dog’s coat tangle free, removes dead hair and stimulates the oil glands. It’s also an opportunity to bond with your pet and to keep tabs on any unusual changes with his body.

3-Regular tooth brushing, is just as important as brushing the coat but often overlooked. A dog’s mouth is an indicator of overall healthiness and it’s necessary to keep the teeth clean to prevent the build up of plaque and gingivitis -an unhealthy mouth can mean an unhealthy body.

4-Train your dog Train him to have good manners, walk on a leash, sit on cue, return when called, etc. Not only are these things necessary for happy socializing, but they can save your dog’s life. If your dog gets away from you off leash into a potentially dangerous situation, good recall can save you a lot of pain and grief if something were to happen to your pet.

5-Add flax seeds to your dog’s diet–Flaxseeds promote healthy insides and outsides. Filled with good fat of Omega 3’s, flaxseeds help the coat to be shiny and healthy and also promote bright eyes, stimulate the brain and the organs.

6-Add olive oil to your dog’s food–Like flaxseeds, olive oil is another healthy fat that is good for the heart and makes the coat soft and shiny. Add a little to your pet’s food everyday, a teaspoon full should do.

7-Make time for play — Your dog needs socializing with other people and dogs, your dog also needs playtime with you. Be sure you set up times to play with other dogs but also take time each day to throw the ball for your pet. Even if it’s just a few minutes in the backyard, it’s important to your pet to spend a some time with you having fun.