Train your dog to urinate and defecate in a designated place

You should train your dog to urinate and defecate outside or in a designated place. If your puppy urinate and defecate everywhere in your house, you must be very annoyed. you should train your puppy, so that your puppy urinate and defecate in a designated place.


Dogs are neat animals, in general, they dont defecate in the place where they live. Puppies are aware of that they should defecate away from their crate, even if they are less than one month old. When your puppy arrive home, you should train he to go to the bathroom as soon as possible. You can put a box or skep in balcony,bathroom or hallway as a simple toilet, the box or skep should be covered with old newspaper and  plastic films.


When your puppy is going to urinate or defecate, he will run around to find a right place to do that. Puppy is sniffing the floor as he walks around, sometimes he makes a sound and run up to the owner with fidget, all that means your puppy will defecate. How should you do now? Take your puppy in your arms to the box, skep or bathroom, then tell the puppy “piss”. When your puppy finish it, you can say “Good boy/girl” with reassuring pats and give he some tasty foods.

A clear “no!”

If puppy don’t defecate in a designated place, you must pick the puppy up at once, and say “No” to him in a loud voice, then take him to the bathroom. If this is noneffective, don’t chide your puppy when he was defecating. After he finish, push his head until his nose touches the wrong place where he defecated, at the same time you should chide him “No” seriously, to let him know that he has done something wrong. You must insist on correcting his mistakes as he was making. In the beginning, perhaps puppy can not understand why you chide him, but after repetitious training, puppy will get it.

One to seven days

If your puppy is smart enough, he will succeed in one day, even a stupid puppy, he also can understand in one week. In addition, you must get rid of the odor from the wrong place using deodorizer, if anything left, the puppy maybe come back again. Puppy has a habit defecating in a certain place, but not same place. for this reason, you should put old newspaper on crate,puppy will be aware of that he should defecate on newspaper, when your puppy get used to that, you can move newspaper anywhere you want puppy defecate.

Most adult dogs are in the habit of defecating outsides, that’s good. However, the owners should maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the environment, in order to avoid that dejecta pollute the grass, which will spread disease to other dogs. As an owner, you must have plastic bags and toilet paper with you, when your dog defecated, you can put the dejecta away, clean the floor, then drop them into ash bin.