The pekingese, an imperial companion

The Pekingese – An Imperial Companion

“There are dogs, there are cats, and then there are Pekingese”….T.S. Elliot.

From the dainty bowlegged gait to the elaborate straight flowing coat, the Pekingese invites long adoring stares from onlookers. This is a favored and very popular breed. These elegant dogs were bred for companionship of the ladied of the Chinese Imperial Court. The Pekingese was worshipped in the temples of China.

The appearance of the Pekingese is in fact breathtaking. The coat of the Pekingese has elegant feathering and comes in all colors. All breed standards allow all sorts of color combinations. Red sable is the most common color for this breed. Black and tan are also very popular colors. But the blonde color is the most preferred colors for show dogs.

The dogs are diminutive in size with a height of 6-9 inches and weighing only 8-10 pounds.

The Pekingese is classified in the Toy Dog Group. The Pekingese was first Registered by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1915.

The Pekingese do well in an apartment. They are relatively inactive indoors and will do okay without a yard. Pekingese really want to lounge around all day. But it is necessary to provide an exercise schedule for this breed to keep them healthy.

When you take this breed for a walk, get them comfortable with a lease at an early age.

The Pekingese requires daily combing and brushing of their very long undercoat. Brush around the hindquarters, which can easily become matted. See the dog groomer every 3 months to have them properly care for this regal animal.

The females of this breed shed the undercoat when in season. Dry shampoo regularly. Clean the face and eyes daily. These dogs are average shedders. The Pekingese act like royalty and may be difficult to train. After all, they are the descendants and keepers of the Royal Court and are accustomed to being worshipped. A novice might find these dogs difficult to train. An early puppy obedience training class would be beneficial to the new owner of a Pekingese.

The personality of the Pekinese is sometimes stubborn and aloof. This is not a dog for an owner who needs a responsive wagging tail type of animal.


The Pekingese is a jealous dog. They do not like their owner spending too much time with either children or other pets. These dogs will choose one person as their favorite and ignore the other members of the family.

Part of socialization training can prevent this behavior. Getting a Pekingese trained properly can assure a healthy family relationship.