How to Stop the Dog from Licking People Randomly

Licking is the dog’s nature performance of expressing its obedience and warmness to people. But  if the dog licks randomly, it will lead to friend’s repugnance, particularly the feminine friends. Therefore, you must correct the dog’s behavior.


Start early

You must teach your dog not to lick people randomly since its childhood. If the dog licks your face and hand, you should reprimand it softly and not let the dog continue to lick. But do not punish it severely, because licking is the dog’s expression of obedience, too severe punishment or blame can let the dog feel helpless, and maybe it will give you more licks to express its apology.

Have control

Besides, when the dog jumps to you warmly and licks you crazily, you should first push it away, let the dog calm down, and then fondle it. If the dog insists on licking, you may push it away by pulling its collar. When the dog stop licking, you may pat the dog and show it your affection. If necessary, you can also give it a small toy to express your praise!

Use commands

Moreover, when the dog doesn’t stop licking, you may use training orders, for instance, command the dog to “sit down”, “don’t move” and “down”. If the dog has obeyed the order, give proper reward immediately, and let the dog form conditioned reflex that it will get reward if it doesn’t lick its owner.