Dog and owner – a bond as old as history

They say that a dog is mans/womans best friend. However, unless you have really went through the alliance between dog and owner it is hard to empathise the true depth of that bond. But if you want a dog, you need to regard the breed.

The breed of a dog plays a prominent part in how a dog fits into a family unit, couple or unmarried. Different types of dogs require different types of attention.

While there are many factors that you should deliberate, dog breed in all likelihood plays the largest part. Dalmatians, for instance, are not suggested for families with children because they have a inclination to bite. Little dogs, like Chihuahuas, are not recommended for small children as the dog breed is so delicate.

Pit bulls and other bully breeds are very loyal and affectionate, but they are very much people dogs and expect human interaction every day. In fact, they make great indoor dogs. With their intelligence and utter devotion to their humans, they are comparatively easy to train.

Dogs are pack animals and they view their humans as part of their pack. They want to be next to you and will be very protective of you. When you bond with your dog, you will have a loyal friend and companion, but when you decide to get a dog, make sure that you are prepared to give it a home forever.

Find the correct dog breed to fit your lifestyle. Not all dog breeds are the same.

Training is vital when you are adding a dog into your family. It is highly advised that you get obedience training for your dog, irrespective of whether you keep it inside or outside. However, if you have an inside dog you pretty much can not get by without some type of training. You need a well-bred dog in your home or it will be total bedlam!

Keeping in mind that dogs are pack animals, it is essential for you to establish yourself as the “alpha dog.” Some dog breeds are more dominant than others, so if you are not very self-asserting then you may want to opt for a less challenging, more submissive dog.

The right dog breed for your lifestyle is very crucial. If you work all day and have little time to spend with your dog, then a very active dog breed like a golden retriever is in all probability not for you. A better breed may be an American Bulldog or two small dogs (so that they can keep one another company while you are gone).

Even so, regardless of the breed, your dog needs fundamental interaction and exercise. Even a dog that stays outside needs to be walked at regular times.

A healthy diet is also very crucial for keeping your dog happy and healthy. Good protein, crunchy kibble (for healthy teeth and gums) and regular vet visits will keep your dog in good shape. Make a point of knowing that the dog is current on his vaccinations, even if he is an inside dog. Your dog depends upon your for everything so it is up to you to make sure that all of his needs are met.

You can offer chew toys or bones to help prevent them from chewing your shoes and furniture. It should also be noted that a bored dog will often chew so if you keep your dog properly stimulated and you interact with him regularly, you will have a dog that is less likely to chew.

Kenneling during the day is also a good idea if you are not at home. Allowing your dog to roam the house unsupervised is just asking for trouble.

The bond between dog and owner is the best!

There is a lot to keeping a dog, but the effort is well worth it. Your dog can be a wonderful companion and a loyal friend; just remember that the commitment is for a lifetime. Find a dog breed that works great with your family and lifestyle and you will be well rewarded.