10 ideas you never thought about how to get a dog to stop barking

Are you keeping a dog at home? If so, maybe you had facing lots of problems before and one of them is the excessive dog barking. Now, I am going to provide you with 10 simple ideas or steps on how to get a dog to stop barking.

So here it is:

1. Your dog is barkingand there must be a reason for that. Does he need yard access? Is a cat outside of your window? Or he just barks for fun?

2. Barking excessively is just like yelling. Don’t yell at them, it is just like you’re encouraging him.

3. Maybe he wants to tell you something; about hunger, thirst, or elimination. Then you must checkyour dog’s basic needs.

4. Is there something motivatedhim to bark? He bored? You can make a dog door for easy outdoor access or close the shades.

5. Have you heard about citronella no-bark collar? Dogs dislike it whenever it sprays citronella. It is safe and not cruel.

6. You should have trained him to obey you on simple commandsuch as barking. When he bark at your command, then he will learn how to be quieted on command as well.

7. Say “sshh” and not yelling “sshh” at him. Treat him like your family; real family. Thank him, talk to him, and praise him.

8. It’s working ; say “sshh” after calling him and he is quiet, soon he indicates that “sshh” a command for quiet.

9. Just like human, dogs love to be praised. “Good” is simple but effective. Praise him often and give him reward for the good behavior.

10. Soft musicalso can help. When you’re leaving your dog at home, turn on the music and close the drapes and blinds.

Most dogs are prone to excessive barkingif haven’t been trained properly at the early age. It is a MUST to learn how to train a dog. It is simple and everyone can do it including you. I hope that you can get your dog to stop barking.