Tips to a pomeranian hair cut

It is important that you give your Pomeranian a bath before you start a Pomeranian hair cut. It is very important that you don’t allow water to get in the eyes, nose or ears. To protect the ears from water you can place cotton balls in them. Once the bath is complete you can towel dry before blow drying. Use a soft slicker brush while blow drying and brush in the direction of the head. You don’t have to buy a blow dryer specifically for dogs as long as you use a human hair dryer on the low heat setting otherwise you can dry out the hair and aggravate the skin.

Start with the head

When cutting your dogs hair you want to start with the head and specifically the ears. For some this can be difficult since you don’t want to cut the actual ear. To prevent this you can pinch the ear leather between your fingers and use the fingers as a protective barrier.

Dog ears tips

When cutting the tips of your dogs ears you want a horizontal angle, so make sure the scissors are parallel to the dogs eyes when cutting. Then on your second cut across the ear tip you want to have a slightly tilted angle. This gives the ears a softer look that doesn’t make them look too pointy.

Brush the hair around the head

After you have trimmed the ears you want to brush the hair around the head towards the front. Next cut the excess hair away from their head to give an overall circular shape. When you are doing a Pomeranian hair cut it is a good idea to use your fingers as guides in case the Pomeranian suddenly leaps forward. Next brush all the chest hair up and trim it at an angle that aims towards the knee to have a tidy appearance. This will also help to give the Pomeranian the standard circular appearance when viewed from the side.

Move on to dog’s body

Next you should move on to the body. Trims the hair underneath in a semi-circular shape while viewing the dog from the side. Start the Pomeranian hair cut about one third up the back of the front leg and then continue in a semi-circular shape until you end about one third of the way up the back leg. You can adjust the cut in order to fit the length of your dog’s legs. At the same time trim away any excess hair that is sticking out of the midriff. For the tail you should trim around the base to give a tidy shape. Then twist the end of the tail and hold it straight up the dogs back. Cut the length wherever you think it will lay best.

Trim away hair on the feet

The last step in a Pomeranian hair cut is to trim away hair on the feet that causes the rabbit foot look. You will also need to trim underneath the feet which requires you to place the dog on their back since this provides the most control over the dog and scissors.

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