Thinking of buying a brindle boxer dog

When you look at a boxer dog, you typically see shades of fawn and brindle. The shade of fawn ranges widely from yellow to light tan. It is possible for them to have a reddish tan, deer red, mahogany and dark honey blonde. When a boxer dog has rich color looking coat, it can be referred as “red”. However, brindle boxers can have a coat that includes black stripes. If you want to find a reverse brindle, it won’t be too hard.

What is a reverse brindle? These are boxers that have heavy amounts of striping. These heavy striping leaves an impression of red stripes on a black backdrop. However, it is only a figment of your imagination. In reality, the boxer’s coast is fawn with really heavy black stripes. The values of breeding say that the boxer coat needs to show through the brindling. If this does not happen, it is likely the boxer will be ineligible. There will never be a true black boxer. Why? There is no gene for the color and the coat pigmentation.

If you have a brindle boxer dog, you may notice that the black stripes on your pet’s coat runs towards the ribs. Breed principles say that the fundamental fawn shade on the dog’s coat must be distinguished from the stripes. For example, white markings that augment the brindle boxer’s appearance are suitable.

There are seven categories that the American Kennel Club classifies dogs based on the certain criteria they have been raised for. These are: sporting, herding, non-sporting, hound, terrier, working and toy. The working dog category has more boxers in it than most others. No matter the color of the boxer dog, this dog breed makes a wonderful and helpful pet.

Each boxer breed is no different than any other boxer breed when it comes to caring for it. Brindle boxer dog experts suggest that the animal receives a nutritious and hearty diet as opposed to food in a can. By doing it this way, you can give your boxer the diet needed to further his mental and physical development.

Boxer dog breeders and owners can use a special diet called Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (or BARF, for short) that can makes feeling the animal much easier. Why? With BARF, you have the ability to add or take away supplements from the bones and raw foods. What does the BARF diet include? It has raw meat, bones, raw vegetables, milk products, eggs, seafood, fruits, grains and other supplements. With BARF, you have the choice of which ingredients are put into the diet. You will also have the choice of quality. Should you wish, you can omit certain things if your pet has the inability to digest it. Most milk products are omitted because brindle boxer dogs cannot handle it.

Yogurt can be added to the diet but keep a close eye on the diet since many boxers are susceptible to allergies. Avoid feeding grapes and raisins to your boxer dogs. These foods can be a source of acute kidney failure.