The Function of Dog’s Tail

The dog’s tail stands for a kind of language. Although different kinds of dogs’ tails are different, they all express the similar meaning. When the dog sees its master, it often wags its tail. This means it is happy to see the master. When the tail is drooping, it means danger; when the dog’s tail is motionless, it represents restlessness; while the dog wags its tail rapidly, it indicates friendliness.


Tail’s movement

The tail’s movement also has something to do with the master’s tone. If the master says to dog softly, it will wag its tail to express happiness; conversely, if the master says to it strictly, it will be unhappy with holding its tail between its legs. That is, in terms of dog, people’s voice is only a sound signal, but not a language.

Tail and smell

Besides, dog’s tail is related to sense of smell and special anus gland. The anus gland makes every dog have its unique the smell. An excited dog will wag the tail and diffuse smell; but a frightened dog will cover its anus gland. The frequency of wagging reflects dog’s health and excitement. More quickly it wags, more excited and healthier it is. With regard to gundog, police dog and army dog, their tails’ wagging has more profound meaning.