Those designer dog, the puggles

Puggle dogs are being called the new designer dog and are a relatively new hybrid. They are a cross between a male pug and a female beagle.

They have become very popular and people love them because they are so cute, cuddly and adorable! They are a wonderful and caring breed with a lovable disposition. Puggle dogs seem to have the best characteristics of the beagle and pug but not the bad ones. They have the combined physical attributes of a beagle with the temperament of a pug. They have less health problems then both parents, don’t howl like a beagle and aren’t hyperactive. They are sweet-tempered. affectionate and happy with a can-do nature. They are sociable, intelligent and easy going. Since they are very mellow and loyal they make great family pets They are great with children and other pets. These dogs easily take rough-housing (great for boys) but also like to be cuddled and be a lap dog (great for girls).

Puggles are easy to train but be gentle when training because they are sensitive to the tone of your voice. Once they learn to obey commands they are the perfect companion. When they get the attention and care from their owner they become a relaxed and gentle dog. They love being in owner’s presence.

They are a durable hardy dog and love to play outdoors but they do need a cool place.

Puggles have a short snout and fur like a pug but big brown eyes and droopy ears like a beagle. They have a curly tail like a pug but a body like a beagle. They are loose-skinned, wrinkly-faced with a black nuzzle. Their legs are short. Their short coats come in black and white, red and white, tri color, black and tan with fawn the most common.

They weight between 14-20 pounds and are 12-15″ high. Life span in 10-15 years.

They are low maintenance with weekly brushing and regular clipping. Puggle dogs are also known for their low allergy disposition.

These dogs have no real congenital or health concerns. Like most pure bred and mixed dog breeds some health concerns can occur.

These dogs seem to be receiving more press than any other dog breed. They became a media obsession in the autumn of 2005. This is especially true in New York City after a popular TV morning show featured them.

Of course, since they are popular they are becoming more expensive. You can pay up to $750.00 for more for one.