Tips that helped stop my dog from barking

Barking is as natural to a dog as is eating, it comes with just being a dog. To get your dog to completely stop barking would not only be nearly impossible, but inhumane as well. However, controlling your dogs barking will benefit not just you, but your neighbors and everyone else who may be affected.

Use these quick tips to get a start on stopping your dog from barking.

1. Give him or her attention. Dogs are really pack animals and one of the main reasons a dog barks is because he or she is lonely and wants attention. Spend the time with your dog he or she needs, play and exercise will result in a content and happy dog, thus, a dog who barks less. This happens often when I work long hours, so to help stop my dog from barking I make sure I take him on extra long walks or after a walk play a rowdy game of tag with him.

2. Identify your dog’s fears. When a dog is afraid of something, or someone, he or she will bark in an attempt to scare this fear away. Figure out what things or people that cause your dog to bark then go about working with your dog to teach him or her that it is not something to be afraid of. By reducing your dog’s fears you will help keep him or her from barking so much.

3. Are your dogs basic needs being met. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are overlooked when trying to stop your dogs barking problem. Does your dog have plenty of food, plenty of water? Is his or her general bedding area uncomfortable? Maybe there is a health problem that is confusing your dog. One of the way’s a dog communicates is via barking, could your dog be trying to tell you something?

4. Your home environment. As previously stated dogs are pack animals, and just like human beings dogs tend to take on the characteristics of the pack. Your home and family is your dog’s pack. If your home is noisy and rambunctious, so to will be your dog. Try calming your dog’s surrounding to help stop him or her from barking so much.

5. Is your dog simply protecting his or her territory? Your dog is bark to alert you, a member of his or pack, that there may be danger. To help stop this type of barking reflex simply don’t react when your dog barks at something outside of the home. By reacting, you are training your dog that every time he or she barks you will show up.

Hope these five quick and easy tips will help with your dog barking problem. If your dog’s barking becomes a persistent problem, you may want to take into consideration a consultation with your vet.

Now, have a happy dog day!!

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