Dog breeding for beginners

Breeding dogs requires a high level and responsible breeding program. Take this article as “breeding dogs for dummies” or “dog breeding 101” type of article. Let’s jump right into it.

Breed Standards

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Breeds that exist are either UKC (United Kennel Club) or AKC (American kennel Club) registered and these are usually developed. Those that have bred these breeds have set these standards as they register them. These standards are therefore going to be important to you too as it will tell you when to breed a dog and how to breed a dog.

Sometimes if you cannot find these standards you will have to look in other areas. The UKC and AKC provide this information. Once you have them, study them carefully as it shows you what you need to look out for when breeding dogs.

Physical attributes are an important part of the breeding dogs standards and usually includes a certain color pattern and a certain idea about the specific markings that the dogs should have. It also includes the ways in which you are going to be looking at things like ear shape, eye shape, and even colors of eyes and coat length. When breeding dogs, this is very important to understand.

Before you even get to breeding dogs its important to get a copy of the breeding standards and study it well. You will know what you are looking for and will help you when it comes the time to breeding dogs, when to breed a dog and how to breed a dog.

Beginners Stock

Breeding dogs and when to breed dogs, how to breed dogs involves breeding the right kind of dogs for you and as there are so many this is an important decision. Once you have understood the breeding dogs standards you are going to breed its time to start searching for your breeding stock but remember that you may need to alter things as you go.

Most breeding dogs experts start with puppies but this of course means you will have to wait before you start breeding. Look for breeders with good reputations amongst your own breed of dogs. Seek out a male and a female to start with. It is never a good idea to start breeding dogs by getting more than two puppies but its up to you. Best to start small. Find 2 separate breeders to start or the same but make sure the pups aren’t related. Check pedigrees to see there are no relatives in a certain amount of generations. For certain breeds you need to look further down the generation line. Again, looking at the breeding dogs standards copy will help you with this. This of course will help you decide when to breed a dog and how to breed a dog.

You now have the beginnings of your breeding dogs stock. Remember, however, that you have just started on a journey that can be a very long journey indeed. It is going to be important that you follow through with your breeding plan and the breeding dogs standards that you have researched so that you can be sure you are providing your puppies with the best home possible.

There are some things that you want to look for in your breeding dogs stock

  • Temperament
  • The quality of the dog
  • The lineage of the dog
  • Whether or not the dog has been shown. (if you aren’t buying a puppy)
  • If shown, what type of championships the dog has received
  • The mother and father of the dog – their temperament
  • If the mother and father were shown, if you are buying a puppy, and if so, what type of championships they have received
  • Where the puppies are raised for the first 8 weeks of their life
  • What the breeder’s standards are all about, and what the goal of their organization is all about.
  • What type of training the mother and father have had.
  • What type of situation the puppy was born in.
  • What the puppy looks like – their markings and their colors
  • If the puppies ears are straight and their eyes are bright.
  • If the puppy is friendly.
  • If the puppy will allow you to turn him on his back and scratch his belly while you hold him in your arms – this shows a trust for people and a love for affection.
  • What size the puppy is in comparison to his litter mates – you should choose one that is not the biggest nor the smallest.
  • How the puppy acts with his littermates – you should choose a puppy that is good with the other dogs and that loves being with the other dogs. Don’t pick one that doesn’t play with the other puppies.

If you choose your breeding dogs stock based on these things, you should be able to have good breeding dogs stock that you can depend on.

Raising Your Dogs

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Without a doubt the best breeding dogs stock is the one that has been raised by you from puppyhood. This will help you socialize them correctly and help you raise puppies of your own. Mix them well with other dogs and people.

This is also a great time to train them correctly and this will be very important to their future life and to those that purchase them from you. A properly trained dog is a good dog. Click here for the best breeding dogs training program. I have used this myself so I can highly recommend it. I would not advice you to choose a trainer randomly as this is a big headache and a waste of your time and money. Dogs that are well trained, well socialized will evidently produce healthy pups. This has been proven and its a fact when breeding dogs.

When breeding dogs of purebred, the temperament can be a problem therefore, something that you are going to want to do for sure is to make sure that you have created a situation in which the dogs are very well trained socialized. This is especially important if you are breeding a dog that is known to be temperamental. You are going to want to make a difference with your breeding dogs.

When it comes to breeding dogs, no matter what your main goal is, raise your puppies with that in mind. The more that you can develop/train/socialize them to whatever it is that you are looking for within them, the more that you will be able to know you have a good quality breeding dogs program.

Deciding To Breed

When breeding dogs, this should not be done lightly and should never be a spur of the moment decision. It does require consideration and planning. If you are going to be breeding dogs then there are things that you need to think about carefully. I,m sure you are aware that this requires a lifetime commitment and hard work and your life will rotate around dogs of course.

Breeding dogs requires an immense love for dogs(sorry, I know that’s obvious but you will be surprised how many people bypass this)not to forget the many hours you will be spending raising puppies, working with dogs and making sure they are healthy. You need to be a good dog person. This means finding dog hair in your soup and saying its OK, it means your dogs live more comfortably than you most of the time, it means your dogs come first.

Being a dog person means you have read everything there is to read about breeding dogs and your type of dogs, you are adamant to provide them a good home, you are there for them always.

Breeding dogs is very, very lucrative but you need to know when to breed a dog and how to breed a dog. Also, you must have that feeling that you are not just doing this for the money. Those that do it for the money will never be very good breeders as they will always put money before dogs. Those that are breeding dogs for money never succeed in being good at it anyway. This is not just a hobby or a money-spinner, this is a passion and if you see it this way then you will reap the rewards.

Deciding To Breed – Some Questions To Ask Yourself :

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Am I trying to make money from breeding dogs?
  • Am I ready to allow dogs to be a major part of my life?
  • Will I let them sleep with me in my bed?
  • Do I have a breeding dogs plan in place?
  • Do I need help and support?
  • Am I ready to deal with pregnant dogs?
  • Am I ready to raise puppies?
  • Will I be able to find good homes for them?
  • Can I deal with sick puppies, dogs?
  • Will I be able to let them go to a good home?

Know these answers before you begin breeding dogs.

The Right Dog Breed

To be successful at breeding dogs it is very important to decide on the right breed. Firstly, whatever breed you decide on you need to know as much as possible about them.

Knowing what specific breed(s) you want to work with when breeding dogs will help you decide when to breed a dog and how to breed a dog. Some dogs, like golden retrievers and labs, can be bred with dogs that aren’t pedigreed. You might want to do this because you like the type of dog that you have and because you feel that others might like those dogs as well. In this case, you’d be looking for two dogs that you want to breed, but you wouldn’t be as concerned about the pedigrees as you would if you were looking for purebred dogs.

When breeding dogs, purebred is better because you can look at their lineages, this helps to know because they will produce good puppies. Size is also important when breeding dogs as this will help you decide where you will put them depending on your home and facilities. Temperament is also important. Is the breed good with children and families. At the end of the day your research should be second to none when breeding dogs.

Making A Breeding Plan

When it comes to breeding dogs, a plan of action needs to be in place. This of course needs to be in place before you get your dogs. I have listed what I feel are the best steps when it comes to planning when you are breeding dogs. Planning on when to breed a dog and how to breed a dog comes into place when these queries have been met.

Firstly, you need to know what kind of dog you are going to breed. You then need to know the breeding dogs standards and figure out which of the standards you are going to be breeding for with the dogs that you are breeding. Next you need to know the various ways that the program is going to be set up, making a good questionnaire and a waiting list program will help you decide where your puppies will go.

Also, when breeding dogs, you need to know where you will keep the dogs. remember that dogs should be a part of your life and family. How to manage your dogs is important too. how many dogs you will have and how you will train them. How many litters you will have with the dogs needs to be planned and please remember not to breed a female dog every time she goes into season. Keeping your dogs up to date with shots needs to be remembered and how to socialize them.

So to sum up, your planning when breeding dogs should be all these:

  • The breed of dogs you are going to own
  • The number of dogs you think you would be able to handle
  • Where your dogs will stay, and what type of accommodations you will offer them
  • The vet you will use
  • The amount of money you have to spend on dog care, vet care, and all of the expenses, and where that money will come from.
  • How many years you plan on breeding dogs
  • Whether you plan on continuing your breeding program with dogs that you breed yourself, or whether you plan on bringing in new dogs to continue your program
  • What you will do with dogs when they can no longer breed for you.
  • How you will deal with complications in pregnancy and with puppies that don’t make it.
  • How you will know when you can breed your dogs again
  • How you will know when it is time to stop.
  • Your overall goal for breeding – the types of things that you are looking for in the breed and the types of things that you hope to achieve by breeding the dogs that you have chosen.

Hopefully this article will help you succeed.