Resolving your dog barking problem

Although Barking is a natural behaviour, as it is a means of communication for the dog just like whining, howling and growling, too much barking do create stress and unnecessary pressure on you as the owner and the people living around you.

In fact, there are some health investigation report conducted by various industry indicated that the sound of continuous barking dog was one of the most disruptive and stressful noice to human being.

On the other side, dog’s barking is encouraged and not considered a behaviour problem as it can signify territorial protection and its guarding behaviour which is a natural trait as long as it is not done overboard.

How do you stop your dog barking problems, here are few tips that you can do to help your dog from barking excessively:

1. Dogs normally barked when they are triggered by something or someone or any other stimulus that can make them excited or become overly protective with their territorial.

Some of these stimulus are: the sound of other dogs barking, the sound of thunder or machineries, ringing phones, people shouting, and many other noises that may triger your dog to barks.

If this is the case, one of the fastest and easiest way to stop your dog from barking is to simply remove the stimulus or put barrier between the stimulus and your dog.

2. Your dog may keep on barking when he is confine to a certain location. if this is the case, your dog may be experiencing separation anxiety.

If this is the case, you can provide him with a few toys to keep him busy while confine to that particular place or what you can do is to take him for an exercise or walk by the park. This will help him overcome the separation anxiety.

3. If your dog is an over aggressive pet, then it might just be possible that he or she may bark at smallest hint of provocation such as any stranger walking pass your property.

If this is the case a re-conditioning of the environment may be needed. You can reprimand him. It is good to bring him out more to familiarise with the environment.

4. Other ways which may help your dogs from excessive barking include intervention such as spraying your dog with water or using high frequency sounds that interrupt barking. These devices can be quite helpful and can be controlled by you or automatically when the dog barks.

5. I personaly do not really agree with de-barking your dog and the use of shock collar. I believe that with good training drills, you will be able to solve the barking problems.

Dog training requires patience, money and time, however doing it correctly will create a more lasting and meaningful relationship with the owner.

You can train your dog yourselves by getting a correct training manual. The misconception that pet owner has, is that it is difficult to train yourself.

Well this is not true, sometime training your dog yourself is one of the most effective method and the fastest way to solve your dog barking problem.