How to you use a remote dog trainer

Remote dog trainers are fairly simple to use. In most cases you attach a collar to your dog, and use the remote to stimulate your dog in a humane and safe way. This stimulation will help teach your dog that what he has done was wrong and helps him to better obey your commands. This is a great method for training your dog yourself, instead of sending him off to a trainer.

Remote dog trainers come in many different ranges. Be sure to get a range that will reach as far as you need it to, and be the most effective on your dog. If your dog is very stubborn, be sure that you raise the level of stimulation to get the most out of training your dog with this remote trainer. Also be sure that you get a remote trainer that is for the specific weight of your dog. For instance, a remote trainer that is for a small thirty pound dogs may not work so well on an eighty-pound dog. Knowing your dog’s approximate weight will help determine which one is for you.

Once you have attached the collar to your dog and read the manual that comes with your remote dog trainer, you will be ready to begin. Only use the remote trainer on your dog while he is misbehaving. Other wise you will end up with a confused pooch on your hands. Make sure you are consistent with your training and use of the remote. This will ensure that your dog will not think that sometimes it is ok to chew up your shoes. You want to completely train your dog to the point that the collar and remote are no longer needed.

Using the remote dog trainer on your dog will help break him from so many habits he may have. You can teach him to stop digging in the flowerbeds, as well as not to chew on the water hose. If running out toward a busy street is another thing your dog does that scares you, simply put the remote trainer to use and make him stop this behavior. Sometimes training your dog can be for his own good as well as your own.