Can Dogs Eat Carrots

Can Dogs Eat Carrots?

Dogs Can eat carrots!

You may be wondering if your dog can eat carrots. Fortunately for you and your dog, the answer is yes! Not only are they healthy for dogs and puppies to eat, but chewing on them actually has several benefits in and of itself. Chewing helps reduce anxiety, helps with teething, and is good for dental health in general. Though you should be careful that your dog doesn’t get an excessive amount of human food of any kind or it can upset their stomach, most dogs will just leave a carrot when they are done with it, or use it as a toy.

Carrots are safe for dogs whether they are cooked or raw. Carrots can get quite messy though, so expect to have to clean up chewed up carrot bits left around the house! As previously mentioned, carrots are not only safe to eat, but also good for a dog’s teeth. As with anything, moderation is important. An excess of anything can cause an upset stomach.