Dog training ideas with dog training whistles

Whistling has of late become a very important tool in dog training and is being used widely by dog owners. In the past this method was mainly used by herders or gun dog handlers. These whistles are made in a special in that only the dog ears which can detect high frequency sounds can detect them. The prey may be oblivious to what is happening around since it may not detect these frequencies. They are used for long distance control of dogs by their owners.

The two most common types are the thunder and the silent whistle. The former is similar to the referees whistle and can be heard by any one. The later is on the other hand tuned to high frequencies that only the dog’s ears can detect and respond accordingly. They may be made of metal or plastic and the owner decides on the best one.

When using the whistle to make your dog return, he should respond regardless of the situation he is in. this behavior is properly cultivated when training him as a puppy. Try as much as possible to use only positive responses. When you call the puppy to return, it is important to do something like clamping your hands when he is coming. This makes him feel recognized when you capture his attention. Reward him appropriately again. Thus he will note that coming to you is a pleasant experience with rewards and next time you call him he will come despite whatever he might be doing.

Only use the signs and commands that best suits you and your dog. Importantly, be very consistent in your commands and signs. You may teach the dog to sit down when at a distance. This is because, their attention is best at this position. Teach him first at a close distance and then increase it gradually. It is very helpful to achieve this training. This is because at a distance when he sits down, you can be able to give any command and he will respond effectively.

Many people have been using this command and it is very effective and enjoyable to use when the dog is properly trained.