How to treat dog coprophagia

Copraphagia Treatment for Dogs

What is dog Coprophagia? Dog Coprophagia is when a dog eats his or her own feces. The next question you are probably wondering is, “How do I treat my dog’s Copraphagia? Well unfortunately, there is not a miracle treatment that will work for all dogs. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure that the dog does not act upon his impulse to eat his or another dog’s feces. Here are some tips that may help you work with your dog to treat this disorder.

It is best if the Coprophagiac dog is a puppy. Puppies tend to have this tendency because of there limited experience with the appropriate way to eliminate their feces. Older dog’s on the other hand may have had this tendency for a long while, but have not had the proper training to get rid of this behavior. Coprophagia does not cause an immediate health problem to your dog, but it can become harmful if the stool that your dog is eating came from another dog with disease. Since animals that have this disorder tend to be needing something directly or indirectly, sometimes getting proper professional help may be required to discover this need.

The first thing that you need to pay attention to is how much time is being spent with the dog. If he is not getting enough attention, this may be a way for him to get people to notice him. Also, make sure that he is exercising regularly. The next thing that should be monitored is his diet. Is he eating properly, or is he shying away from food? It could be something in his dietary requirements that is not getting met. Most studies reveal that Coprophagia is usually related to behavioral or health-related issues. However, it can also be developed from watching other dog’s habits.

There are many products available that can help treat a Coprophagiac dog. There are many types of powders that can be mixed into the dog’s food. There are also pills that can help control your dog’s elimination routine. Most puppies only need a little coercion to get out of this habit. A little work with keeping your puppy away from his stool after elimination is usually all it takes to teach them the appropriate way to behave. A couple of weeks of this, and your puppy will usually grow out of this problem. For older dog’s, it is up to the owner to take a hands on approach and if necessary professional help and other treatments may be necessary. Please try some of the tips and tricks available in this article before you seek professional help or assistance to treat your dog’s Coprophagia. If you still find that you need professional help, there are several dog obedience training products available online that will teach you more in depth approaches to treat your dog’s Coprophagia.