Is the german shorthaired pointer right for you

As told by its name alone, anybody can come to the conclusion that this breed comes from Germany, and has short hair. The coat is reasonably feisty and thick, which doesn’t require much grooming. This dog is of medium build, weighing anywhere from 45 to 70 pounds and standing from 21 to 25 inches from its foot to its shoulder. It’s built athletically, slender but muscled, allowing it to tread swiftly but with power. Germans crossbred this dog to grant it more intelligence and stamina in order to make an ideal hunting dog, which was its original purpose. A great sense of smell and hearing makes tracking for this pooch easy.

Following trails or chasing wild game is its specialty – making this breed a fantastic pick amongst hunters. The German Shorthaired Pointer also makes a great pet for any type of person or family. Aside from chasing wild prey it also enjoys chasing people, in a playful manner. Very energetic and loves outdoor activities, making it good for all kinds of physical activities such as hiking, jogging, or exploring. Wandering around places and sniffing things out is something that it will like very much, but remember to keep it under close supervision with a leash to prevent to from wandering off too far by itself.

With that said, it is best to have a sturdy and high fence where it won’t be able to jump over or dig under. Another sport that this pet will fancy is swimming. They have webbed feet which makes them pretty good swimmers. But remember that most dogs are scared of the water, so its just a matter of time and adjustment before it gets used to the idea. The German Shorthaired Pointer can also serve as a great watchdog. Strangers approaching the house will be greeted with a wicked bark, alerting you of their presence. If you want it to stop upon your say so, train it to do so.

This pet is highly intelligent and learns fast, so educating it is easy. It has the tendency to develop unwanted behavior, which should be dealt with at an early age. Behavioral lessons should be implemented first before teaching it any tricks. Both should begin at an early age and be consistent through out its life. Keep sessions interesting – use methods that will keep its attention on you. Things that may distract it should be put away, such as the member of the family that it loves playing with. Grooming the German Shorthaired Pointer ain’t too hard because of the short hair strands.

It will need brushing to spread the oil on its body to give it a nice shine, and bathing as needed. Brushing of teeth is dreaded by many pet owners, but will be needed to avoid the rise of any diseases. Keeping a dog of this breed will require you to give it plenty of exercise and a well balanced diet. Most importantly render your love and attention – which is essential in its overall development. This breed of dog will make an outstanding pet for the outdoor man and people looking for a good guard dog.