Caring for your doberman puppy

It seems like you have been waiting forever, but its finally time for your new Doberman puppy to come home. Every puppy needs to be taught and trained on how to adapt to his new family, and the family has to adapt to having a new puppy in the house. The new puppy may be a little scared and sad to be away from his litter mates, or he may be excited and curious to explore his new home. Either way, there are some basics in caring for your new Doberman puppy.

It is important to have a crate for your puppy. Put a blanket or towel in the crate and introduce your Dobie to the crate as soon as possible. Leave the door open so he feels like he can go into his “den” whenever he wants. You can also put a toy in the crate. If your puppy gets tired, or overwhelmed, he will likely appreciate his own special place to rest. The first few nights at home can be difficult for the puppy and the family. You can expect the pup to cry and whine most of the night. Something we found helpful was to put a large stuffed animal in the crate. We found a stuffed dog that was bigger than our puppy, and she immediately cuddled up to the toy like she would with her litter mates. After a few nights your puppy will get used to sleeping in his crate. If you can place the crate in an area of your home where it will not be isolated, this is best, especially at night.

The best food for your puppy is a premium quality dry kibble, formulated especially for large breed puppies. This special formula insures the proper amount of protein and other nutrients while preventing the puppy from growing too big, too fast. Rapid growth does not allow the bones and joints time to develop properly, which will cause problems as the puppy matures. We also give our Dobermans a human grade, all natural pet vitamin. This provides supplements not in the dog food and not naturally produced by your dog. Omega fatty acids and antioxidants are beneficial for your dogs healthy immune system.

Dobermans at any age do not like to be alone and away from their family. Your Doberman puppy will need lots of attention, but this is a good thing…who doesn’t want to play with their puppy as much as possible? Socialization is especially important for a Doberman puppy. Any family members, neighbors, friends of your kids and neighborhood pets that will be around your new Dobie should be introduced early on. This way your naturally protective new family member will know there is no threat or danger to “his” family.

Puppy kindergarten is a good idea for your new Doberman puppy. This provides several important benefits. It will get your pup used to traveling in the car and being out in public. It will be an excellent, positive opportunity for socialization, and it will give your busy, active puppy someplace to focus his energy. Dobermans are very intelligent and highly trainable. They are happier if they are challenged physically and mentally. Basic obedience classes will help your puppy learn manners and will make him much easier for you to control. Believe me, a Doberman will try to be the boss if given the chance!

Dobermans are a working breed and they like to have something to do. This is a breed that requires a lot of attention, even beyond the puppy stage. They are great companions and family dogs. If you take the time to work with your puppy, he will grow up to be a cherished member of your family.