The best dog breeds for children

Dogs require a lot of attention and some dogs can be extremely sensitive, which means they are not always best for small or young children. When you have children who want a pet there are several things you should consider. Below is a list of dog breeds that do well with children as well as some dog breeds that do not.

Dogs That Love Children: German shepherds are our first dog on the list for being great with children. Despite the size of the German shepherd you will find that they are sensitive and very hardy dogs. They will tolerate a lot from young children such as tail pulling or hair pulling from children that are not aware of how it can hurt the dog. German shepherds are working dogs, but they also love a lot of affection and attention. They do well in households that have walking age children, especially older children that may return home from school and play in the backyard with them.

Poodles tend to do well with children as well. You may not want to have a poodle with infants or toddlers as they can be a little sensitive, but they love the affection and attention the children are willing to offer. Poodles are very active dogs inside and outside of the home. This means, they like being played with as well as trained. They can be sensitive so well behaved children are really the best types of households for them.

Golden Retrievers love children. In fact the best dog breed you can have for your child is going to be the Golden Retriever. You will find that they play, learn well, and shower affection. Most Golden Retrievers tend to follow children around as if they have adopted the care for that child and become some of the best companions as the child ages.

Labradors are also very good dogs to have around small children. They may need a little training to help with the proper socialization and commands as they can get quite rowdy, but they are hardy and not too sensitive. They tend to take the abuse of a toddler rather than lashing out.

Dogs That Tolerate Children: Bulldogs are usually very loyal and loving to their owners, however they do not do well in abusive homes or where they will be picked on a great deal. Bulldogs tend to like peace and quiet over little children pulling on their ears or screaming.

Old English sheepdog’s can be in either category. It will depend on when you adopt the pet. Old English sheepdogs tend to be very loyal, affectionate and vie for attention. When you have an Old English sheepdog before children they can display very jealous behavior making them only tolerant of most children.

Great Danes are wonderful dogs, full of life and happiness. If you have a Great Dane in your home you can be assured that they will do well with any type of child; however they have landed in the tolerant status because of their size. The Great Dane is a very large and muscular dog, even with socialization training they can harm smaller children without meaning to do harm. Though they love being around children it is up to the parent to decide if they can be trusted with infants or toddlers even when the parent is in the room.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog’s are not the best dogs to have around children. They are a fiercely independent dog that does require attention. They do not tolerate children, and in some cases have been known to carry off children left unattended. The Anatolian Shepherd dog is meant to guard as well as protect the home from animals. Their instincts are to carry small prey to their owners during hunts as well as protect the home.