Stores continue to sell poison dog food after recall

In a shocking news story, head of the Center for Veterinary Medicine, CVM of the FDA, Dr Steven Sundlof says that some stores have not removed contaminated dog food from their shelves.

Initially, the dog food recall involved Menu Foods which has recalled more than 100 brands of dog food. That recall has expanded and continues to grow with more brands and manufacturers being added to the recall list almost daily.

Dr. Sundlof told Senators in a recent hearing that he could not rule out the discovery of more tainted food.

While the FDA continues its investigation and monitoring of dog food retailers, the sad result is that some retailers are continuing to sell contaminated dog food. While there is no evidence that this is intentional, the sad fact remains that dogs who eat this food are in danger of suffering from kidney failure and dying.

The Veterinary Information Network states that between 2,000 to 7,000, pet deaths have been reported since the inception of the dog food crisis.

With the possibility of more poison dog food being discovered and some retailers not having removed poison dog food from their shelves, reports of kidney failure and death in dogs will most likely continue to grow.

Who Do You Believe?

Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM indicated that said pet food labels should be prohibited from proclaiming claims of safety unless ingredients are rigorously tested. The veterinarian went on to say that such testing does not take place.

Dr Hodgkins went on to tell U.S. Senators that:

“Through astonishingly successfully marketing efforts of the industry, pet owners and their veterinarians have come to believe that household pets must consume commercial foods, and only commercial foods, day in and day out, throughout their entire lives, in order to remain healthy”

We have long proclaimed the fallacy of this notion and the serious health consequences our dogs may experience if more attention is given to just what we feed our dogs.

The dog food industry stated the following in defense of commercial dog food products.

“Pet foods are safe,” Yup, that’s it. One report indicates that Menu Foods blames the dog food recall on a clerical error.

Some deadly error !

As a consumer and dog parent, the choice is yours. Will you change the way you feed your dog? Will you find out if the dog food you feed your best friend is slowly poisoning her? Or will you believe the claims of the dog food industry?

News stories report that many dog owners are not aware of the impact of the dog food recall, nor have changed the food that they feed their dogs.

This is perhaps one of the more frightening collateral aspects of the story. Your dog depends on you for love and the basic necessities of life. Taking the time to become an informed dog parent can make the difference between having a long and happy life with your best friend or the possibility that your dog may become the next statistic in a database of recalled dog food deaths.