Canine dental hygiene

Most dog owners don’t think about the need to brush a dogs teeth or consider the condition of their gums. Just like humans, dogs can develop problems with their teeth and therefore dental care is important for the overall health of a dog.

Unlike humans, a dog uses their mouth and teeth for more than just eating. Their teeth are important for grooming and defending themself. They also can’t be replaced with dentures, and thefore the care of a dogs teeth is even more critical. As a dog owner it is your responsibility for making sure good dental care is provided for your dog.

Good dental care starts with checking for plaque and tarter buildup. Both of these can be prevented or minimized by brushing your dogs teeth. Buildup of plaque on your dogs teeth can lead to gum infections. If the buildup of plaque or tarter is severe your vet can clean your dogs teeth. This is generally done under anethestia. Some dogs are more susceptable to buildup than others. You should also check your dogs mouth occassionally, especially after chewing on sticks or being outside, to make sure nothing has become embedded inbetween the teeth or in the tissue.

Does your dogs breath stink? Excessive drooling or bleeding gums? If so, these could be symptons related to problems with your dogs teeth. You should discuss these problems with your vet as soon as possible. Just like us, dental problems can lead to other related problems. An abscessed tooth can become a major problem if not treated.

Pet stores today carry a wide selection of chew toys, bones and dog biscuits to help prevent plaque buildup on your dogs teeth. You’ll also find toothpaste and toothbrushes especially for your canine friend. With a well balanced diet and a regular schedule of oral care for your dog you’ll keep them healthy and happy!