Stop your pup from chewing

Your new puppy is a bundle and energy and for the most part a lot of fun, that is until you find your favourite shoe all chewed up in the corner or your children really can claim that the dog ate their homework.

A puppy chewing is a natural part of its growing and much like human babies it’s the way they learn new things and start to understand their surroundings. Having said that there is good chewing and bad, and in this article we going to address the bad chewing.

Puppies will often chew on whatever is laying around the house, and while sometimes this is just an annoyance to you at others it can be quite dangerous for your dog. Certain foods like chocolate or things such as electrical chords can prove to be quite dangerous and in some instances deadly if your pup decides it looks like an interesting chew toy.

Much like other training, consistency is the key, you can’t expect your pup to understand it’s okay to chew up that old slipper but not okay to chew up your $200 pair of shoes, he doesn’t know how much things cost, they look the same to him. If you discover your pet chewing something inappropriate, immediately take it away from him and use a stern “no” do not let it develop into a game. Do not chase your pet when you see it chewing something it shouldn’t they’ll quickly decide this is fun and just keep running around.

If you think your pup’s chewing is excessive or seems abnormal a trip to the vet may be a good idea as sometimes dogs will chew to induce vomiting if they are feeling unwell.

Always try to have recommended puppy chew toys available though, as your pup does need to chew as part of its development.