All the secrets about black pitbulls

Black pitbulls are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world and have unfortunately in recent times been under scrutiny due to the fact they are becoming the main breed of dogs used in illegal dog fighting circles. This article will endeavor to teach people the truth about black pitbulls and why we shouldn’t outlaw them as aggressive, blood thirsty creatures.

Black pitbulls are probably the favored types of American pitbulls. They are basically the same as any other pitbull except for their appearance. In the US now more and more illegal pitbull fighting organizations are starting up. The outlook on pitbulls from society is therefore also changing as a result and more and more people are beginning to push for a ban on all pitbulls in general.

The reason why black pitbulls are one of the most used breeds for fighting purposes is because they have incredibly strong jaws that are able to cause an enormous amount of damage. Reports always circle about pitbull mauling occurring on humans, which is doing their image huge complications.

Unfortunately most people own pitbulls for the reason they are able to inflict pain on other people and dogs. What people don’t realize is they also have a gentle nature to them as well and this is what owners should focus on bringing out instead. To better understand black pitbulls, we need to go back in history.

Black pitbulls are closely related to Mastiff’s. Their descendents come from Greece as far back as 5000BC when soldiers trained this breed of Mastiff dog(which were much larger back then) as attack dogs for battle. They were trained to defend their owner at all costs and therefore were also known as being one of the most loyal dogs on Earth. Loyalty is also the main feature of black pitbulls today as they will literally do anything to please their masters.

This is a good thing and a bad thing. It means that if you train your dogs to treat other people and dogs more gently they will obey. If you train it to be aggressive towards other dogs and people, they will also do that. Black pitbulls personalities really depend on the nature of the owner and the way they have brought the dog up.

If you are thinking about buying a black pitbull, then make sure you focus all your energy on training your dog to be a kind natured animal and they will repay you with many years of loving loyalty.