Dogs, siberian husky

The Siberian husky is included in the working group dogs. They are medium sized dogs with a double layer of fur that protects them from extreme weather conditions, the furs acts as insulations for their body against cold and heat. The fur is often pure white, gray and white, copper-red and white, white and black. The color of the eyes is usually ice blue, blue, brown or a combination of both colors, which is called complete heterochromia. Siberian huskies are medium sized dogs; they have strong chests and backs, a full muscled upper thigh and very athletic, graceful and elegant dog, they are ideal for pulling sleigh’s, sleds, herding, companion and rescues. Due to physical attributes and great stamina they are used for racing, carting and sleigh ride competition.

The Siberian husky is a native of Siberia which is brought to Alaska. Since then they are used by the Chucki people for herding, as a means of transportation because are used to pull their sleigh a means of transportation. The Siberian huskies makes poor watchdog because of its gentleness to people and children, these dogs are very friendly even to strangers, playful sociable, docile and loving breed of dogs. Huskies do not want to live alone they want to live in a pack and hunt this is due to their wolf like lineage. So if you are considering this breed, it is advisable to have it in pairs. A single pet of Siberian husky tends to be lonely and may become very destructive. As pets, the Siberian husky are adorable, they like to go out to roam around, easy to train and house break, they are thrifty eaters unlike other working dogs.

The Siberian husky is an ideal pet for people or families with large yards and living in a cool climate. This is mainly because this breeds likes to roam around and play, they are an energetic, athletic bunch and needs a regular exercise. Their life expectance is 12 to 1 5 years. A common health issues that is encounter with the huskies are juvenile cataracts, corneal dystrophy, and progressive retinal atrophy.

In general Siberian huskies are intelligent, loving pets to have. They are very agile and strong and a great companion. However huskies are not suitable to be a watchdog due to its friendly nature even to strangers, this breed will gladly welcome anyone into the house, he exhibits no fear and aggression towards strangers and would likely greet would be thieves into the house. They are easy to take care of because they are not prone to any diseases and infections, they are by nature a finicky breed of animals that cleans themselves like cats, and therefore they are free from dog odors and parasites. In fact this breeds will instantly clean themselves if they are soiled, this is another one of their trait as being an independent breed. The Siberian husky sheds its coat twice a year, they shed their undercoats completely and it is a very intense shedding event and should be combed completely, however this phenomenon happens only twice in a year unlike those dogs that have fine hairs that shed hair everyday, which could be nuisance for owners.