Characteristics of pomeranian dogs

Pomeranian dogs are what you are looking for if in case you want a small lap dog as a pet. Generally, this breed of dog have a bright personality and easy to get along with. However, they can be temperamental, commanding, and outgoing. That is why it is discouraged to have them with very young children in a house. They can snap when they are teased. On the other hand, Poms are affectionate, gentle, and loyal. Pomeranian dogs are ideal for pet lovers who live in a small house or apartment. But they can also adapt well in a wider area.

This breed is perfect for dog owners who have a small yard. Outdoor activities are okay for Poms. They may be lap dogs but do not hesitate in letting them get a good exercise. Pomeranian dogs can actually endure taking long walks since they belong to an active breed. It is easy to teach them with tricks as long as you are patient and determined enough. Looking after Pomeranian dogs requires ample time and attention from you. Their grooming requirements are quite complicated since they have two coats of fur that need special grooming. Poms have a short, fluffy undercoat and a straight topcoat.

Their coat needs to be brushed at least once a week but not too frequent because it can be damaging. In addition, Pomeranian dogs need a good dental care because they are prone to loss. That is why it is highly recommended that Poms eat dry food to help keep their teeth and gums healthy. Another distinct characteristic of Poms is that they give high value to their personal properties like food, toys, or beds. They do not want their properties to be shared with other dogs or pets. Despite of this high sense of ownership, Pomeranians are not quarrelsome dogs.

It is recommended that Pomeranian dogs be trained as early as possible. In particular, they can bark relentlessly if their barking is not controlled. They are headstrong little dogs and can become rowdy if not properly trained or disciplined. By having them trained, you can set out rules for them to follow. Your Pomeranian will show its love and appreciation to you after you have trained it well. Remember that they will not learn proper discipline if they won’t be trained. Poms are said to be quite difficult to housebreak, but if you remain consistent in training them, they will eventually learn proper potty training.

This breed of dog is especially independent and they don’t cling to their handlers. However, it is important that the owner is firm when he disciplines or deals with a Pomeranian. Otherwise, his dog will not listen or obey his commands. If not properly contained, Poms can be very demanding. Pomeranian dogs are ideal for people who desire to take care of small dogs. Poms are considered to be kind hearted pets that can easily adapt in your household. Poms are excellent little dogs. They may be fox-like in appearance but they are affectionate. If you are thinking of owning a dog, just make sure that you familiarize your self with all the information about the dog breed.

It will help you know what are to expect from your chosen breed.