Purchasing a new dog or puppy

It is an exciting time when trying to adopt a dog. Dogs are man’s best friend for sure. Your pet dog will give you company. Ciddle up together. Some dogs can even guard your house. First step is to eview your personal lifestyle and needs when adopting a dog or puppy. Next is to decide major whether or not you would choose to have a puppy or an adult as a pet. Before you make a decision as to which dog to adopt please review the useful information below that might help you decide.

On Puppies

* An advantage to adopting a puppy is that you would guide its growth and well being. A puppy will give you the chance to raise it up according to what you want. You can ensure that it is properly nurtured with the right dog food. You will know for certain that necessary dog shots are given. It is important to know your puppy has always had the appropriate heartworm treatments at this early stage. Personally training your puppy is always a plus. You can teach him exactly what you want him to know.

*Eight to Ten weeks of age is a good time to adopt a puppy. Puppies need to spend adequate time with their mothers and littermates. This is a crucial stage for them. A puppy eight to ten weeks of age has a psychological advantage for both puppy and for the mother dog as well.

* Puppies adjust easily to new surroundings as compared to an adult dog. Puppies need to be housebroken. House training needs a lot of time, effort and patience from the owner.

* Most pet owners find puppies can be entertaining. They are very cute and adorable. Puppies can be easily regarded as one of the family or even as newborn babies added to the family.

On adult dog

* There is less fuss taking care of an adult dog. Their behavior is already established.

* You need to get as much information that you can when adopting an adult dog. You can acquire information from the previous owners of the dog. Some adult dogs may have behavior issues.

* It may take more time and effort for an adult dog to become comfortable with a new owner.

* You will need to introduce an adult dog to your children and other household members. This would help the dog be familiar with them and helps them refrain from biting or barking if they perceive them to be strangers.

* Adult dogs may not need your full attention. unlike puppies adults would require lesser trips to the veterinary.

* Most adult dogs are housebroken. Adults have usually have grown out of the impulse of chewing things.

* An older dog can easily adapt to other pets, like other dogs or cats, if you have a group of them at your household.

Choosing which dog or puppy to adopt can be a little tricky too. Everyone loves sweet looking puppies, but not everyone can endure the extra chores of housebreaking and having their items chewed on.

Adult dogs need no great amount of guidance but can still turn out to be a lovable pet. Whichever you choose, a dog or a puppy keep in mind that taking care of them requires a lot of time and effort. However, in return, they always keep you company and have a ready smile with an excited wag of tail waiting for you everyday. Dogs and puppies definitely can cheer you up after a long hard day.