Healthy canine tips

Having a healthy dog is important. You want your best friend to be as healthy as possible. It is said they age twice as fast as humans so keeping them in top shape is imperative. It helps immunity and helps the aging process possibly slow down. There are many things to think about when you consider your dog’s health. Many of those things include dog food, vaccinations, exercise, water, love, and more.

Dog food is one of the most important things to think about if you want a healthy animal. Many of the shelf dog foods have chemicals that are not healthy for an animal. These dog foods are cheaper but they can be harmful to your animal. Consider a food with concentrated amounts of meat as protein as opposed to cheap fillers that are so hard to digest, can cause severe allergies and most importantly do nothing to keep your pet healthy.

Exercise is also important for any animal. Your dog should have sufficient amount of room to run around and play. If your dog is kept indoors for most of the day then you should take the time everyday to walk it outside and give it the exercise it needs. Ideally, a dog should have a good sized back yard to be able to run around in. If not consider a dog park. Exercise is important for a dog to keep their circulation healthy and their blood flowing. This allows for a healthy body, strong muscles, and a happier life for your dog. It also may help there mental state just like humans.

Water is important also. A dog can get dehydrated much quicker than a human being. You should always ensure your dog has plenty of water to drink each day and that it is always available to drink. You may even want to consider spring water or filtered water. The chemicals and other things from the faucet may not be so healthy.

Another important aspect to having a healthy pet is love. Dogs need daily interaction. They need plenty of petting, holding, and love. A dog’s primary goal is to please their owner and you need to show your pet that you entirely approve of them and it will be happy. Studies have shown that dog’s with a lack of love or interaction is not as healthy as pets that have a lot of love. You should spend time talking to your dog and playing with your dog. This will ensure you have a very healthy and happy pet that will last a long time.

A great conversation to start with your vet if you haven’t already is: vaccinations. It is becoming increasingly popular that pet parents refuse to vaccinate every year because many feel it is harmful to the pet. As puppies, vaccinations are necessary and can save your canine’s life. As they get older though you may want to ask your vet about titer testing to measure the antibodies in your baby’s system and then you can determine if that vaccination is necessary. Depending on where you live, some vaccinations are necessary and some are not. This is something you can discuss with your veterinarian.

Everyone wants their dog to be healthy to ensure their life and longevity. There are many factors that play a big role in making this happen and as their owner; your dog depends on you to ensure they have a healthy life. You should ensure the food your dog is being fed is healthy, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of exercise each day, and you are giving it plenty of love and knowing more about vaccinations.