Owning jack russell dogs and teaching your kids to be responsible dog owners

With Jack Russell dogs, once you have your new puppy, the training process should be started immediately. Training a puppy can be a pleasant experience especially if the outcome is positive. And one way of achieving successful training result is to start early and remain consistent even year after year.

Prepare Ahead Of Time, Before Your Jack Russell’s Arrival

Training your Jack Russell dogs should involve everyone in the household, even the kids. Yes your kids! Their participation in training the puppy will benefit not just the puppy but also themselves as well. It will give you children not just the feeling of pride and value, but is also one way of teaching them about responsibilities and caring for others. Moreover, participation of your child in training process is one sure and fastest way for the two to establish a healthy friendship that could last a lifetime.

Get Your Child Involved Early

All Children, no matter how responsible they may be, should not be given the full responsibilities in taking care of and training your puppy. As a parent, it is still your responsibility to make sure that your pet and your child is well taken cared of. But there are lots of things your child can do to contribute in the success of training your Jack Russell.

The list below are some of the many things your child can do to participate in caring for your new puppy.

1. One of the easiest things your child can do is to let her pick out your puppy prior to its arrival. At home before you go to the store, create a checklist of the things that your puppy needs. Take her to the store and have her read the list and help pick out supplies. Ask for her suggestions on which color or shape to pick. This activity will put her in the mindset of sharing the responsibility of taking care of the new pup.

2. Another task your child can do is to help set up the puppy’s new and comfortable living area. Let her put the dog toys, arrange cushion inside the crate and then place the food and water dish in its proper area.

3. And the most important thing your child can do to help is to give the new puppy lots of love and attention. But remember, this should be done under close supervision of an adult, especially during your Jack Russell dogs first few days home.