Look after your dog

Dear Dog Lover and Friend

We all love our dogs and would do anything to help them and to ensure their short time with us is enjoyable. Look at my two dogs, Sheba and Cassie, in the photographs, at their loving eyes and we know that they will do anything for us.

Unfortunately, Sheba is no longer with us, and is in ‘doggie heaven’ but we still remember her and her ways. Cassie, although of the same breed, has a totally different character, as I am sure you know and appreciate, if you have had more than one dog.

Ever trusting, pleased to do our slightist whim, they are truly man’s and of course, woman’s best friend.

They will guard, they will stay faithful whatever terrible things may be done to them, by some so called humans.You may have had your dog since a puppy or you may have a rescue dog with all the problems that it brings. But if you look at their eyes, just for a moment, you can see that they are appreciative of all you do for them.

When you return home from work or anytime away from them, they are there waiting for you, maybe using a sixth sense that you are about to return.

Both of my dogs, so my wife tells me, were anticipating my return, five minutes before I arrive, even though I do always return at the same time. They were always first to great me, even before the children who may not even acknowledge my return! So acurate were they that I always found a cup of tea or coffee waiting for me as I walked through the door, after of course that I had petted the dogs as a reward for their greating.

What do they ask in return?

A walk perhaps, some food and water maybe? Perhaps a favourite treat? Never the less even if we gave them nothing, then they would still love us. They just want companionship and love. But, boy, look at what they give in return!

So what can we do to make their time with us special?

Well, that’s what this web site is about and I will be expanding this in the coming year with ways and products that we can ensure that they are looked after and receive their just dues. Let us work together to make this the best ‘Doggie’ website there is. I am hoping you will stay with me and watch this grow and contribute as much as you can, by giving your thoughts and stories and reviews of products you have bought and tested. Perhaps you have some knowledge that can help all of us dog lovers and be able to share this through this site. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please feel free to sign up to my newsletter of tips and new products I have found to make their lives special. And to send your tips and knowledge so that it can be shared.

Please send me your stories of how your dog(s) have made your life special, by clicking on the stories link on the left. Tell us what your dog has given to you. And keep stroking and petting them, it lowers your blood pressure, which must be good amid the stress of modern day living!

Click on the send your photos here link and I will have a page or two! showing your dogs which I will rotate on a regular basis.

Education and information is the key here and as the site builds with your help, we, together should have done our bit, by sharing our stories with other dog owners and web users as well as providing those products and information to our dog loving friends, that we feel will really make a difference.

First on my absolute must list and I know it will be on yours, is the essential area of dog training. Now I know that there are lots of books and media out there to help you but I have found three such products you may wish to buy. I leave it to you to chose if you want to buy one or more or not, after looking at the respective web sites the links will take you to.

Let me repeat the benefits of a welltrained and behaved dog;

The pride you feel when your dog walks at heel beside you, off the lead!.

The look of admiration from your fellow dog owners as you pet readily obeys your commands.

The games of fetch and carry you can play together.

The satisfaction of knowing that your dog will obey you at the first word.

That this joint reponse between you and your dog may save it’s life.

If every dog was well trained and well behaved, especially in public, how can anyonecomplain. The non doggie world may well turn into converted doggie people.

Thank you for reading this, please keep me up to date with stories about your dog(s) and especially if you decide to use one of the products, how you got on with it.

Please take the time to look at my website and to look after your dog

Many thanks,

Dog Lover, Barry