Important steps for chihuahua breeding

Think that you are ready for some new Chihuahua puppies? Well, think again. As a Chihuahua owner, before you let your female Chihuahua mate, think about the future consequences that you will have to face. At the same time, learn few important steps for Chihuahua breeding, so that you won’t be left clueless as to what to do next.

First things first, before you let your Chihuahua breed, ensure that your Chihuahua goes through selective breeding. If your Chihuahua fails to do this, it may produce pups that are unhealthy that may be suffering from numerous health diseases.

Just like humans, diseases can be acquired through inheritance.

Before you proceed with Chihuahua breeding. Take note of the following preparations:

First, you will have to set aside money for expensive health exams. Then you need to pay for stud fees. You will definitely need to set aside another sum of money for whelping. If your girl can’t give birth the normal way, then you got to prepare for an unexpected c-section.

When the puppies are born, you will then have to prepare extra food at all times. And of course, the puppies will then need their vaccinations too.

If you think that all these are going to be a hassle, then it just means that you are not up for it.

These are just the beginning steps.

If you really want your Chi to produce healthy pups, then always remember to spay her, before breeding. This will also ensure that your Chihuahua will be safe and healthy after birth.

Upon giving birth, if you are still clueless as to what to do with the new pups, go to the vet and check with them. The last thing that you would do is to endanger your harmless new pups. Always be with mama Chihuahua while she whelps and try to devote as much time as possible to the puppies, for the first few weeks at least.

Weigh your pups daily, and if you notice that it is not nursing, than you got to feed it every 2 hours. Sometimes, if your mama Chihuahua dies during whelping, then it is up to use to use the bottle to feed the litter.

As your pups’ mature, this calls for some training and disciplining.

This is the period for you start potty training your pups, or just disciplining them. One of the most important steps is to make your Chihuahuas socialize. Socializing will make your puppies friendlier and they are less likely to bark at strangers or harm them.

As we know, Chihuahuas can get jealous easily. So, tame them and discipline them. Your Chihuahuas will turn to be endearing house pets.

Before your Chihuahua start breeding, ask yourself whether you are prepared to take charge of the situation when the new pups arrives, or when unexpected things happen like your Chihuahua dies during whelping. Chihuahuas are very delicate creatures. Both mum and pups deserves 100% attention from you.

So, are you ready to breed?