Make your own dog food & eliminate the deadly toxin build up in your dog

But you don’t give your dog toxins! Or do you? You probably do without even knowing it. Do you make your own dog food or use commercial dog food? If you use commercial dog food, then there is a good chance you are feeding your dog toxins.

There are some preservatives that are used in dog food which are not healthy if consumed on a daily basis (the way we feed our dogs the dog food!), such as BHA & BHT. Both have been shown to cause liver and kidney failure. Another preservative, Ethoxyquin, has been banned for human use. These preservative are used as a fat stabilizer to prevent the dog food from going rancid.

But here is the most deceitful part of the toxin issue – these preservatives don’t always have to be listed on the dog food ingredient label! If the manufacturer did not add the preservative itself, they don’t have to list it – legally. However, the processing plant that provides the ingredients to the dog food plant may very well have used any of these preservatives!

A good way to check to see if your dog food has preservatives is to check the expiration label. If the shelf-life of your dog food is greater than 1 year, it’s got some kind of preservatives – probably the kind you don’t want your pet to have!

One of the advantages when you make your own dog food is that you know exactly what is in the food you feed your dog. You have complete control over what your dog eats. When you make your own dog food, you use human-grade ingredients – none of those extremely harmful preservatives are in our food. When you make homemade healthy dog food you are stopping the build-up of toxins in your dog’s body.

Of course there are a handful of companies out there that do care about your dog and provide nutritious, harmful-preservative-free food. Some provide kibble to which you add your own fresh meat and/or vegetables. This is a great way to feed your dogs when you do not have the time, or the energy, to make your own dog food from scratch.

The most important thing you can do if you don’t make your own dog food is to learn how to read the ingredient label. Although harmful preservatives may not always show up, the rest of the ingredient list should be a tell-tale sign as to whether the dog food company cares about your dog or its profits. Become informed – your dog’s life depends on it!