Canine diabetes symptoms

Canine diabetes is becoming very common in many homes with dogs today. There are many reasons a dog can be diagnosed with diabetes from being obese or predisposed to the ailment. The good news is there are treatment options available.

So what is canine diabetes? In dogs, diabetes is called diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is very similar to diabetes in humans. There are two types, Type I is due to the pancreas not producing enough insulin, and Type II is due to insulin becoming less effective.

There are some basic symptoms of diabetes mellitus you should be aware of. If you notice your dog is drinking and/or urinating more often than normal or if they seem to always be hungry but are losing weight, it is time to visit the vet. You may also notice your friend may be acting not quite right. These changes in behavior are often the signs of diabetes.

Along with excessive thirst and weight loss, there are other symptoms your pet may be exhibiting if they are diabetic, like:

poor skin poor coat dehydration weakness in back legs vomiting

No one truly knows what causes diabetes in dogs. Some breeds, like beagles, poodles, and schnauzers, seem to be more predisposed than others. The biggest problem seen in veterinary offices is diabetes due to dogs being overweight. If you control how much and what your pet eats and make sure he gets enough exercise being overweight will not be a concern.

If your dog has been diagnosed with diabetes, do not worry. There are treatments. The treatments are very similar to humans. Insulin shots may be called for, but most all diabetes symptoms can be controlled with a strict diet and exercise. You may have to switch your dog to a dry food that is high in fiber and complex carbohydrates (just like YOU would have to do if you had diabetes!) You will have to monitor your dog’s blood sugar levels, so investing in a blood glucose monitor will save you daily trips to the vet’s office!

Remember, diabetes is treatable and preventable. Be on the lookout for the warning signs in your best friend. It may save his life!