How to stop your dog chewing today

One of the most annoying things your dog might do is chew – chances are he’ll chew on almost anything. He’ll not only destroy the chew toy you bought for him, he’ll also tear your couch to shreds, your TV cables, and the curtains. So…how can you stop your dog chewing? This is sometimes almost impossible.

Instead of trying to stop a dog chewing, the best thing you can do to stop the chewing problem, it to look for alternatives.

Dogs chew for a wide range of reasons. Some do it to relieve boredom, other because they are hungry, others because they are anxious or lonely, and sometimes it’s just a way to burn some energy. Dental problems are also a fairly common cause of chewing. Your dog might be experiencing gum problems and chewing might be a way to relieve the pain. Common signs that your dog has a dental problem include always eating on one side of the mouth, having extremely bad breath, or when your dog’s experiencing pain eating and drinking.

If you want to stop a dog chewing, you need to know the underlying reason for the chewing, then plan things for him to do to so that you can avoid this kind of behavior. If boredom is a problem, try to give him more exercise. If the chewing is only taking place when you are not at home then chances are you dog is lonely. Sometimes by leaving the TV going your dog will be distracted and stop chewing. Whatever you find the core reason to be, you need to get to the bottom of the chewing.

All puppies go through a teething process. During this process they need to chew so it’s important you give them something they can chew on. Chew toys such as rubber balls and rawhide bones seem to work best.

Next you should remove all items that your dog can chew. This means anything that you have left lying around. Put all shoes in cupboards, cover cords with cord covers (this also makes you house much safer for your dog as it reduces the chance of accidental electrocution), and put the remote control out of reach.

Finally, you might want to consider spraying a sour apple spray on your wooden furniture and any other fixed furnishings that are in danger of being chewed. This spray will act as a deterrent for your dog as dogs hate the flavor and smell. Remember to always let your dog know that chewing is not allowed whenever you catch him in the act.