Boxers make great family pets

Boxer’s>Boxer dogs make great family pets; they are a playful breed that is excellent with children.

They were developed in Germany in the late 1800’s. This breed was bred from a Bulldog and the now extinct Bullengeisser. In the late 19th century, Boxers were introduced in other parts of Europe. U.S> soldiers brought them to America. In 1940, they became a registered breed in the AKC.

Boxers have an intelligent and alert expression. They are a compact, stocky and medium-sized dog. They have a square nuzzle, strong jaw, dark brown eyes, docked tail and cropped ears (can have cut rather long and tapering).

Their smooth, shiny and close fitting coat comes in fawn, brindled or white with or without white markings.

They weigh between 10 – 17 pounds, are 22 – 25 inches tall and live between 11 – 14 years of age.

Boxers have a unique personality, are high energy and require a lot of attention but make a cheerful companion. They want to be with their owner and even could be called “lap dogs”. They love to pick up anything laying around and carry it around in their mouths.

This breed makes good guard and watchdogs although they are not aggressive by nature. They are harmless to family members but distrustful of strangers. They are not a barker.

Character tics and Temperament

They need obedience training so they do not become headstrong or stubborn. They should start training young and it should be firm and consistent. Boxers respond well to positive reinforcement techniques and they should have a dominant owner. Proper socialization should also be started at an early age. They love to jump on people and need to be taught they are not to do that.

This breed requires little grooming, just brushing occasionally and bathe when necessary. They are a clean dog and groom themselves like a cat.

Boxers need physical activity like daily walks and they love to play fetch with balls. They make excellent jogging companions! A medium sized yard is good for them to play in.

Since they are intelligent, they also need mental stimulation like they can get from training and learning.

Diseases they are prone to :

When purchasing a Boxer choose a reputable breeder that breeds only properly health tested dogs. Since Boxers are prone to genetically inherited health conditions, this is important.

A breeder should give you prove of health testing done on parents of puppy. He should give you a written guarantee against genetic disorders of at least one year.