The most interesting facts about yorkies

The Yorkie has many interesting characteristics you probably didn’t know about, which sets them apart from other dog breeds. This article will cover some of the most interesting facts about Yorkies.

The Yorkie was bred from years of work by Englishmen in the 1800’s. They needed an animal to control the pests, such as rats and mice. The Yorkie became the perfect vermin predator, and often games were played by the Englishman, seeing how long it would take a Yorkie to kill all the mice in an area.

It’s a proven fact Yorkies are more intelligent than most other dog breeds. They can learn tricks, commands, and can distinguish different words. Yorkies have been known to be able to fetch a specific toy out of a crate full of toys. However, Yorkies can have a “stubborn” attitude when it comes to being potty-trained, but with the proper attention and discipline, your Yorkie shouldn’t have a problem.

Yorkies have amazing coats of hair, and are often taken to shows and competitions for this reason. Contrary to popular belief, Yorkies actually don’t shed their hair very much. This is because they have no undercoat, rather there hair is much like human hair. This makes living with Yorkies acceptable by people who suffer from pet allergies.

Unfortunately, Yorkies are prone to many medical problems, such as hypoglycemia, cataracts, and a delicate digestive system. It should be a priority for every Yorkie owner to take them to the Veternarian for regular checkups.

If you plan to own a Yorkie, be prepared to spend time grooming them daily. There hair can easily get tangled, which is why combing is a must for every Yorkie owner.

Yorkies are a fun dog breed with lots of unique characteristics. I hope you can understand this dog breed a little bit more now!