Is an american staffordshire terrier puppy the right choice for me and my family

The American Staffordshire Terrier has great stocky muscular strength, full of courage, agile and keenly aware of her surroundings. Her general appearance will help deter strangers. She must be trained and socialized with people and pets early as because she has a dominant personality. She will fight other dogs so she must be walked on a regular leash. She will do best at a farm or a home with a properly fenced enclosure so she can exercise. She makes a fine watchdog and is considered loving to her family and good with kids.

She can be good with children, especially if she is raised with them as a puppy. Her great strength should be considered if she is around very young children. No young child should ever be left along with a dog unsupervised for any length of time.

*Approximate Adult Size. The male is 18 to 19 inches high to the withers (highest point of the shoulder) and the female is 17 to 18 inches to the withers. Male and females can range from 56-67 pounds.

Special Health Considerations

Like many dogs, the American Staffordshire Terrier is prone to American Staffordshire Terrier (hip joint was a malformed ball and socket), possible cataracts (cloudy eyes) and congenital heart disease. Can develop hives and allergies to insect bites.

*Grooming. She has a short, stiff glossy coat and is an average shedder. She will benefit from daily brushing and bi-weekly nail clipping. The coat can be rubbed with a cloth after brushing to bring out a healthy gloss. She should also have her teeth brushed once a week.

*Life Span. She will live from ten to twelve years with proper nutrition, exercise and health care.

*History. The ancestors of the American Staffordshire Terrier came from England. This breed was developed in early America by crossing game terriers and bulldogs. They were used by early settlers to help hunt large game, protect homesteads and companionship. The American Kennel Association recognized this breed in 1936. The most famous of its kind was perhaps Lucenays Peter, pooch star of Our Gang. He was, incidentally, believed to have been poisoned by a jealous trainer who supplied other animals to the Our Gang show other than Peter. This dog was used for fighting early in his history and is still feared as a fighting dog and may be labeled and legally named and outlawed as one of the pit bull family.

*Registries: AKC, UCA, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC, UKC

*Category: Terrier, Mastiff

*SPECIAL GOOD POINTS Desire to please his owner. Good watchdog. Loving and devoted to their human family. Considered good with children. High pain tolerance.

*SPECIAL BAD POINTS Will fight other dogs. Aggressive and dominant tendencies. Difficult to housetrain. Do poorly in cold climates due to short coat. May consider cats and other small animals prey. Needs firm training. High pain tolerance.