The yorkshire terrier, intelligent and loyal

Do enjoy this article on the wonderful Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkshire terriers are considered by many people to be a very intelligent dog, and they are also considered to be extremely loyal to their owners. I’m sure that comes as no surprise to you if you already own a Yorkie. They are indeed a most wonderful dog.

Dr. Stanley Coren, an animal intelligence expert, determined that Yorkshire Terriers are above average in terms of intelligence. Out of 132 breeds tested, the Yorkshire Terrier ranked 27th. Yorkshire Terriers are so intelligent that they can do better than obeying one simple command at a time, like most breeds. The Yorkie can follow a series of long and complicated commands.

People have sometimes said to me that they believe their Yorkshire terrier understands everything that they say. My response is usually that you are probably quite right because they are indeed capable of understanding what you are saying and even sometimes what you are thinking.

Let me try and explain this a bit better. If you repeatedly give your dog a hug and at the same time tell him that you love him, he will associate those words with good feelings. Its the same as when you say the word Walkies, its a ‘good feelings’ word, and your dog responds accordingly.

Yes indeed. Yorkshire Terriers are very intelligent little dogs, but again, they are also fiercely loyal, even if it doesn’t quite seem like it. You see, Yorkshire Terriers, as a breed, are somewhat independent. This means that they have minds of their own, and they don’t feel the need to be in your lap, waiting for your command. They are curious, and they like to investigate, and sometimes their inherent instincts are stronger than your commands. If he sees a squirrel that he wants to chase, and you are telling him to come to you, there is only a 70% chance that your command is going to win over his instinct to chase the squirrel. For this reason, many people think that these dogs aren’t ‘obedient’ or ‘loyal’ and this simply isn’t the case.

Would you believe it if I told you that history is full of instances of brave Yorkshire Terriers defending their owners in the face of all sorts of dangers. Can you imagine the bravery of a little dog facing grave dangers and enormous opponents all to defend their owners? Well believe it or not, its true.

So, if you are looking for intelligence and loyalty, don’t disregard the Yorkshire Terrier, mistakenly thinking that he is no more than a pampered lap dog. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that he is among the most intelligent, and the most loyal, of all canines.

Now all that remains is for you to go out and get a Yorkie for yourself, but don’t worry, I am not trying to sell you one, but I would ask you to act responsibly when you are purchasing a beautiful yorkie.

Only consider dealing with a known and responsible breeder. Enquire of the Kennel Club as to which breeders they would recommend.

Do not under any circumstance support backyard breeders, puppy mills or pet stores when you purchase your Yorkie. If you know someone who owns a Yorkshire Terrier you can ask them for a reference, and even Yorkshire Terrier breeders will direct you to other responsible breeders if they don’t have the puppy that you are looking for.